The Wiggles Series One (partially lost deleted scenes of children's live action series; 1997-1998)

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Logo from Series 1.

Status: Partially Lost

The Wiggles' first television series premiered on July 31, 1998 on Seven Network[1] and although it wasn't successful, it would be well-known and ended up being reran constantly for the next thirteen years. The show consists of seven segments. The first, fourth and seventh segments consists of songs The Wiggles performed in the videos they released (Wiggle Time, Yummy Yummy and the yet to be released Toot Toot!), in a live show they did and videos recorded just for the series. In the original airings, the second segment comprises of a Cat named Kaz and other characters named Max Mouse, Benjamin Bird and Carolyn just talking. After the poor reception of the Kaz The Cat segments, the second segment consists of footage of kindergarten kids doing various activities with narration from Dorothy The Dinosaur (voiced by Carolyn Ferrie) telling Wags The Dog (who isn't heard) her visit to the school in the current footage. The third segment is of The Wiggles having adventures at their house called "Wigglehouse". The fifth segment is of Henry The Octopus (voiced by the purple wiggle Jeff Fatt) conducting his underwater band and going on various underwater adventures, these segments were narrated by the yellow wiggle Greg Page. The sixth segment is of Captain Feathersword (played by Paul Paddick) and Wags The Dog (also voiced by Jeff Fatt) as they go on various adventures. The segment that plays as the credits roll is of the cast chasing a character that has an object they previously had. The show started production in late 1997, after the release of Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas and The Wiggles Movie. Numerous segments and songs were filmed for the show and all but a few of them have been released.

Romp Bomp A Stomp[edit | edit source]

The only songs that had videos recorded just for the series were Wake Up Jeff!, O Epoe Tooki Tooki, Dorothy's Dance Party and Romp Bomp A Stomp. While Wake Up Jeff!, O Epoe Tooki Tooki and Dorothy's Dance Party were used in aired episodes, Romp Bomp A Stomp was left out of the series (outside of a few brief clips shown in the series' intro). The song wasn't even included in the DVD release of the series. The song was rumored to have been part of the episode Haircut on it's original broadcast and was replaced with Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car on re-airings. But when the original airing of Haircut surfaced on April 5, 2015, Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car was present and Romp Bomp A Stomp was nowhere to be found.[2] It was also rumored that the song was featured in the Let's Wiggle series that consists of songs that would be used for the series that aired on Seven Network a year before the series premiered and the song was even confirmed to be part of the series. But when the episode surfaced on YouTube in February 2013, the version used in Wake Up Jeff! was present.[3] Oddly enough, the Wake Up Jeff! version of the song wasn't used in the series. Other claims have surfaced in the past decade, like when the song was allegedly uploaded to YouTube around 2012, the song allegedly being apart of a mysterious TV special called "A Day in the life of Anthony Wiggle" and Australian viewers claimed it was used as promotion of the upcoming series. Unlike the other rumors mentioned, these claims are unconfirmed and today, it remains one of the most sought after deleted scenes from the series.

The series' intro with clips from the song at (0:07, 0:18, 0:31)

Balloon Chase[edit | edit source]

Also another deleted scene shown off in the intro, is of the cast chasing down Wags The Dog while holding balloons. Not much is known about this deleted scene and was allegedly never finished, hence why it was used as stock footage for the intro. Some believe that this deleted scene will never be released as it was allegedly never finished.

The series' intro with clips from the song at (0:04)

Australia's Wonderland[edit | edit source]

During the photo gallery on the Series One DVD release, various photos from The Wiggles performing a concert at Australia's Wonderland were present. The date of the photos is May 25th, 1997[4] at the Golden Nugget Theatre. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until three of the photos from the concert was captioned "First TV series shot at Australia's Wonderland in Sydney". From the photos of the concert, the songs performed there were Captain Feathersword, Here Comes a Bear, Joannie Works With One Hammer and Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo (despite the last one being labeled as "Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!", although the video for that song would be filmed at Australia's Wonderland on the same stage and boat for the yet-to-be released Toot Toot!).[5] No footage from the concert was used and songs from The Wiggles Big Show were used instead. It's unknown why any songs from the concert weren't used.

Unknown song[edit | edit source]

On June 16, 2012, a photo of The Wiggles with some kids at a table with food on it surfaced. The photo was not used in the photo gallery and the Wiggles' outfits are the same as they were in The Wiggles Movie and Series One and the set was similar to what was used in the videos for Wake Up Jeff! and Dorothy's Dance Party (and would go on to be used in the Wiggle Time and Yummy Yummy videos). The circumstances of this photo are surrounded in mystery and the song that The Wiggles were performing in this photo is unknown and it's unknown if this was for Series One. Some sources say it's Fruit Salad[6], while some say it's Food Food Food (Oh How I Love My Food).[7]

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