The Price Is Right (partially lost episodes of CBS game show; 1972-2007)

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The Price is Right (-3851D) November 3, 19820 1-27 screenshot.png

The show's logo from 1980.

Status: Partially Lost

The Price Is Right (called "The New Price Is Right" during its first season) is an American game show that was created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman that premiered on CBS on September 4th, 1972, and is loosely based on another game show of the same name that Bob Stewart created in 1956. The show was hosted by Bob Barker, who was known for hosting Truth Or Consequences until his retirement in June 2007 and has been hosted by comedian Drew Carey ever since, with various announcers coming and going since the show's debut. The show centers around contestants (picked out of the studio audience) identifying the exact merchandise pricing to win cash and prizes. The show became a rating success for CBS, with the show still airing as of 2022, with over 9,000 episodes being produced.

The show is also known for having most of its episodes (especially during the 1970s) saved by CBS and Goodson and Todman (later bought by Fremantle). Most of these episodes have been heavily rerun in the 1990s on Game Show Network, and just recently, Pluto TV began rerunning Barker's tenure on its own 24/7 channel entitled "The Price Is Right: The Barker Era" and continues rerunning them to this day[1]. However, several episodes have never been seen since their original airdate or, to a lesser extent, never aired, and very little information on these episodes is documented.

Known Missing/Skipped Episodes[edit | edit source]

Production Number Pricing Games Airdates Status Notes
0013D Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices Unaired (Meant to air Sept 6th, 1972) Lost Recorded on August 20th, 1972. Unaired due to contestant being found ineligible[2] following the taping's conclusion.
0032D Grocery Game, Double Bullseye, Double Prices Sept 19th, 1972 Partially Found Banned due to use of fur coat as a prize.
1581D Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Range Game, Give or Keep Sept 8th, 1975 Found (Poor-Quality) Banned due to use of fur coat as a prize. The episode circulated for years prior to its January 2020 resurfacing.
1685D Hi Lo, Any Number, Most Expensive, One Right Price, Temptation, Give or Keep Nov 21th, 1975 Lost Johnny Olson's audience warmup is all that exists from the episode.
1823D Most Expensive, Clock Game, Shell Game, Hurdles, Money Game, Double Prices Feb 25th, 1976 Partially Found Banned due to use of fur coat as a prize.
1891D Most Expensive, Money Game, Cliff Hangers, Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Double Prices April 12th, 1976 Partially Found
2944D Most Expensive, Any Number, Secret "X" Unaired (Meant to air on Sept 14, 1978) Lost Half hour episode, went unaired due to accompanying news program getting pre-empted[3].
4553D Grocery Game, One Right Price, Range Game, Danger Price, Temptation, Punch a Bunch June 2, 1982 Lost
4562D Money Game, Clock Game, Trader Bob, Danger Price, Penny Ante, Ten Chances June 8, 1982 Lost
4563D Any Number, Grand Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Double Prices, Card Game, Cliff Hangers June 9, 1982 Lost
4564D Most Expensive, Hurdles, 3 Strikes, Take Two, Five Price Tags, Safe Crackers June 10, 1982 Lost
4565D Lucky Seven, One Right Price, Shell Game, Poker Game, Hi Lo, Money Game June 11, 1982 Lost
4571D Card Game, Punch a Bunch, Double Prices, Danger Price, Clock Game, Pick a Pair September 6, 1982 Lost
4572D One Right Price, Now....and Then, 3 Strikes, Race Game, Bonus Game, Any Number September 7, 1982 Lost
4573D Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Poker Game, Squeeze Play, Money Game, Cliff Hangers September 8, 1982 Lost
4574D Golden Road, Double Prices, Give or Keep, Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Grocery Game September 9, 1982 Lost
4575D Most Expensive, Switcheroo, Take Two, Blank Check, Hit Me, Range Game September 10, 1982 Lost
4633D Super Ball!!, One Right Price, Money Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick a Pair Oct 20th, 1982 Lost Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4733D Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, Grand Game, Race Game, Temptation, Bonus Game Dec 29th, 1982 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4775D Shell Game, Double Prices, Ten Chances, Range Game, Grand Game, Dice Game Jan 28th, 1983 Lost Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4784D Golden Road, Blank Check, Hi Lo, Double Prices, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Feb 3rd, 1983 Lost Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4853D Squeeze Play, Hole in One, Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Secret "X", 3 Strikes Mar 23rd, 1983 Lost Skipped by Game Show Network and Pluto TV.
4865D Five Price Tags, Blank Check, Danger Price, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Any Numbers April 1st, 1983 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4904D Lucky Seven, Race Game, Hi-Lo, Blank Check, Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play April 28th, 1983 Partially Found
4994D Golden Road, One Right Price, Pick A Pair, Clock Game, Plinko, Poker Game Sept 15th, 1983 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
4995D Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, The Phone Home Game, Take Two, Any Number, Secret X Sept 16th, 1983 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5001D Super Ball, 3 Strikes, Most Expensive, Blank Check, One Right Price, Grand Game Sept 19th, 1983 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5064D Blank Check, Plinko, Danger Price, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check Out, Money Game Nov 3rd, 1983 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5103D Most Expensive, Money Game, Pick a Pair, Poker Game, Punch a Bunch, Temptation Nov 30th, 1983 Lost
5142D Clock Game, Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Take Two, Any Number, Hit Me Jan 3rd, 1984 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5193D Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Safe Crackers, Take Two, Master Key, One Right Price Feb 8th, 1984 Found Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5202D Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch a Bunch, Temptation, One Right Price, Any Number, Penny Ante Feb 14th, 1984 Lost
5212D Money Game, Cliff Hangers, Clock Game Feb 21st, 1984 Found Half-hour special, skipped by Pluto TV, unknown if the episode aired on Game Show Network.
5213D Bullseye, Dice Game, Safe Crackers, Race Game, Squeeze Play, Plinko Feb 22nd, 1984 Lost
5275D One Right Price, Any Number, Trader Bob, Walk of Fame, Penny Ante, Dice Game April 6th, 1984 Partially Found
5412D One Right Price, Hole in One, Take Two, Safe Crackers, Balance Game, Money Game Sept 25th, 1984 Lost Aired on Game Show Network, but skipped by Pluto TV.
5512D Give Or Keep, Safe Crackers, One Away, Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Deluxe Dice Game Dec 4th, 1984 Found Skipped by Pluto TV due to a Roman slavery-themed showcase. Unknown if the episode aired on Game Show Network.
5523D Any Number, Double Prices, Trader Bob, Race Game, Now....and Then, One Away Dec 12th, 1984 Lost
5811D Lucky Seven, Check-Out, Clock Game, Bump, One Away, Plinko[4] Unaired (Meant to air Sept 23rd, 1985) Lost Exact reason it went unaired is unknown.
58XXD Lucky Seven, Check-Out, Clock Game, Bump, One Away, Plinko Sept 23rd, 1985 Lost Recorded as a replacement for 5811D with the same pricing game lineup.
7815D Barker's Bargain Bar, Pick-a-Pair, Temptation, Safe Crackers, One Right Price, Plinko[5] Nov 30th, 1990 Lost
8061D 3 Strikes, Punch A Bunch, Race Game, Double Prices, Ten Chances, Grocery Game May 27, 1991 Found Only behind the scenes footage of the episode from a E! True Hollywood Story documentary was all that there were of the episode until it surfaced in July 2022.
8881D Cover Up, Punch A Bunch, Make Your Move, Squeeze Play, Money Game, Pick A Pair Sept 13th, 1993 Found Episode went unaired in most CBS markets due to coverage of the Oslo Accords signing and only markets it allegedly aired on were WIVB-TV and CHCH-TV an hour earlier. The episode was uploaded to YouTube in 2018 by the now-defunct user The Fun & Games Channel and mirrors exist since the channel's takedown in May 2022.
1513X Safe Crackers, Cover Up, Pick A Pair, Most Expensive, Temptation, Secret X Unaired (Meant to air on Sept 27th, 2000) Lost Recorded on June 26th, 2000. Unaired due to two contestants row participants switching places during filming[6][7][8]. Pricing game lineup was reused for replacement episode recorded on September 11th, 2000.


Availability[edit | edit source]

Episodes of Barker's tenure have been rerun on Game Show Network from the channel's launch in 1994 to 2000 when their contract expired and wasn't renewed. Before 2020, older episodes from Barker's tenure were notoriously hard to find due to most of the show's first ten seasons included fur coats as prizes (which Barker, an animal rights activist since the early 1980s[10], hated) and only home recordings of either the original airings or reruns from Game Show Network. The show is also absent from Buzzr (a game show-centric channel created by the current rights holders Fremantle), while the reason being "it currently remains exclusive to Fremantle's broadcast partner" being CBS[11].

On November 30th, 2020, Pluto TV and Fremantle announced a 24/7 channel centred around reruns of Barker's tenure entitled "The Price Is Right: The Barker Era"[12] (which launched a day later). However, reruns of his tenure started with episodes starting in the show's 11th season (which premiered on September 13th, 1982). Pluto TV has also skipped specific episodes in seasons that aired on the channel. The exact reasons for the skipped episodes are unknown despite being aired on Game Show Network. Rumors on some episode's absences range from some content being seen in poor taste to the master tape being too damaged and thus deemed unwatchable, but it is unconfirmed. Specific details on various episodes remain unknown today, with even episode guides having very little documented information.

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