Champion Blockbusters (partially found spin-off of British game show; 1987-1990)

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Logo used for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Champion Blockbusters was a British game show that ran on ITV from 1987 to 1990. It was a spin-off of the British version of Blockbusters, which focused primarily on juniors answering trivia questions in order to win prizes. Hosted by Bob Holness, the spin-off focused on winners from the original program facing off against other winners. Twenty-four episodes were produced over four series.[1] However, after over three decades since their original airings, none have resurfaced online.


Similarly, to the original Blockbusters, a single player competed against a team of two by connecting a path from one side of the game board to the other. Whoever won the most of three games moved on to the bonus round. Unlike the original, however, the contestants were made up of previous Gold Run winners. The Gold Run was the bonus round, where whoever played must connect one side of the board to the other within 60 seconds. If accomplished, the player would receive a prize. If the player went undefeated for a number of games, they would win a huge prize, usually a trip. In Champion Blockbusters, the money that the contestants won in the front game would be given to charity, while the Gold Run prizes would still be for the players, now related to what they were doing at the time.[2]


It is unknown whether these episodes were rerun after their initial airings, but it's likely that they were not rebroadcasted on Challenge, as the channel reran episodes from the first and final series of the original run. Despite this, a partial clip from a 1990 episode was uploaded by YouTube user "ThePet266" on January 6, 2012, the same day Bob Holness passed away. The rest of the series remains elusive.




Clip from a 1990 episode.

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