Släktslaget (lost Swedish adaptation of "Family Feud" game show; 2000)

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Släktslaget set.png

A low quality photo of the set and host Ingvar Oldsberg.

Status: Lost

Släktslaget is a revival series of Fråga Släkten, a Swedish adaptation of the American game show Family Feud that was created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. It premiered on SVT2 on February 26th, 2000, and stopped airing episodes on SVT1 and SVT2 until May 17th, 2000, lasting the show for 2 months and 21 days on the air. Ingvar Oldsberg reprised his role as the host of the show.

Only 2 photographs of the show circulate online and no footage of the show has ever surfaced.

Brief Description[edit | edit source]

Swedish[edit | edit source]

"Släktslaget med Ingvar Oldsberg. Frågesport där två väl valda familjer drabbar samman och 100 slumpvis utvalda svenskar står för svaren. Kunskap, humor, fördomar och tempo i en underhållning, som också engagerar hela familjen framför TV:n."[1]

English Translation[edit | edit source]

"Släktslaget with Ingvar Oldsberg. The quiz where two well-chosen families compete and 100 randomly selected Swedes are responsible for the answers. Knowledge, humor, prejudice and pace in entertainment, which also engages the whole family in front of the TV."

Availability[edit | edit source]

All of the episodes are digitized in the National Library of Sweden but they are only available for journalistic purposes only in Sweden as you are not allowed to keep the material[2] for copyright reasons.[3] However, it might be possible now for the show to be available on SVT Play's Öppet arkiv (Open archive) due to Ingvar Oldsberg's death.[4] Due to SVT usually putting out more media for a celebrity as a tribute when they pass away.

SVT did allow people to pay to get access for a specific material they want for private use[5] with prices that range from 750 krona for a short program, 1,000 krona for a half-hour program and 1,250 krona for a full hour program.[6] However, the service has been closed for the time being with no plans of reopening.

Website[edit | edit source]

The show also had a promotional website on the SVT website for a brief time when the show was airing, featuring a brief description of the show and its credits.[7]

The website once hosted weekly questions for people to log in to answer but the reward for answering them is unknown.

Partial Website Translation[edit | edit source]

"Släktslaget with Ingvar Oldsberg

"You can also participate in the competition!"

✽ "Win what you want for 1,000 points:-" ✽

"Släktslaget is a TV show where two families compete to guess the most common answers on questions asked to a hundred randomly selected people. The family that has the most points will go on to a final showdown where they can win a dream prize. The winning family will also go on to compete against a new family in the next show."

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