Family Feud - Popular Vs Freaks & Geeks (found episodes of Pearson game show; 2000)

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Family Feud 1999.png

The show's logo from 2000

Status: Found

Date found: 20 Apr 2022

Found by: Candy Pants LLC

Family Feud is an American game show that was created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and first premiered on ABC on June 12th, 1976, and was first hosted by Hogan's Heroes actor Richard Dawson. The show was based on the bonus round of another show Goodson and Todman made called "Match Game" and has families go head to head as they give answers to survey questions and the winning family goes on to play for $20,000. The show was an immediate success on ABC and the show continues to air on television in syndication with comedian Steve Harvey as host since 2010.


In February 2000, cast members of the NBC teen comedy-drama Freaks and Geeks appeared on Family Feud that at the time was hosted by the late comedian Louie Anderson. The cast played against the cast of the WB's teen drama "Popular" and the teams played for charity. The teams played a whole four shows with the cast of Freaks and Geeks reportedly winning two of the four games.[1]


The episodes were never reran after their original airings. This could down to the Louie Anderson era of Family Feud rarely getting re-aired at all. Game Show Network only aired one episode in 2013 and the channel Buzzr (a channel owned by Family Feud's production company Fremantle) only aired a hand full of episodes from 2019 to 2020, though they have released some episodes on Amazon Prime that are now unavailable[2]. Many episodes from this era of Family Feud only survive through home recordings and the Freaks and Geeks versus Popular episodes were no exception. In 2018, YouTube user BeingCryptic uploaded 2 minutes from one of the episodes (exact episode is unknown). He stated in the comment section that he doesn't have the full episode. A fansite dedicated to appearances from the Freaks and Geeks cast has two screenshots from one of the episodes[3], meaning that a VHS copy of one of the episodes is in existence. On January 8th, 2022, two other episodes from the week were uploaded to YouTube by user "miscellaneous publication #15". Four months later on April 20th, 2022, YouTube user "Candy Pants LLC" uploaded all four episodes of that week. Their channel would be terminated in July of that year, but the episodes have since been backed up by Lost Media Wiki user GrigioGuy.



A mirror of all four episodes from the week.


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