Tattletales (partially found syndicated version of CBS game show; 1977-1978)

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Tattletales 1977.png

The show's logo from episode 16.

Status: Partially Found

Tattletales was an American game show created by the legendary producing duo Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The show first aired on CBS from February 18th, 1974, to March 31st, 1978, and again from January 18th, 1982, to June 1st, 1984, and was hosted by Bert Convy. A revival of the show is currently in the works for HBO Max with Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha as hosts.[1] The show is similar to Chuck Barris's The Newlywed Game that aired on ABC in the 1960s but instead of couples winning the money, it's for a section of the studio audience. During the final season of the show's first run on CBS, a syndicated version was produced and aired 30 episodes between September 12th, 1977, and April 3rd, 1978, with 22 reruns of the CBS version airing alongside the syndication version.[2]


Three celebrity couples compete to win money for their respective sections of the studio audience (red section, banana section and blue section). One member of each couple goes off stage and wear a set of headphones where they can't hear what's going on. The off-stage members would be telecasted on stage on monitors in front of their spouses. Bert asks the couples a question and the monitors the showed the respected couples spouses would turn off as Bert would go along getting an answer from one member of a couple and their spouse would be brought back via the monitor and they gave their answer, if their answers match, the couple scores $150 in their bank. After this happens a second time, the couple swaps places as the person who was at the desk would now go off stage and the person off stage would go at the desk. After the final round of questions, the winning couple gets decided with the couple with the most money won and an extra $1,000 gets added to the money the couple won in the main game and the final amount gets split between the audience members of the couple's respected section of the audience.[3]


30 episodes were produced and would air in syndication alongside 22 reruns of the CBS version of the show between September 12th, 1977, and April 3rd, 1978,[4] making it difficult to track down which ones were the syndicated ones. This version of the show unlike the other versions were never reran on Game Show Network between 1994 and 2009. The reason the syndicated version was never reran was probably down to celebrity couple Bob and Ginny Newhart not having their appearances cleared as they appeared on that version the most. On December 5th, 2016, YouTube user 80sCommercialVault uploaded a compilation of commercials from the 1970s and the last 13 seconds of an episode from November 28th, 1977, one of the few episodes that did not feature the Newhart's. On February 9th, 2020, Buzzr aired episodes 3 and 16 of the syndicated version as part of their "Love at First Sight" marathon.[5] Those episodes also didn't include the Newhart's. These airings confirm that Fremantle (the owners of all Goodson-Todman properties after 1995) still has the series in their archives.

Episode List


# Celebrity Couples Airdate Status
1 Unknown Sep 12th, 1977 Lost
2 Unknown Unknown Lost
3 Dan Rowan & Joanna Young, Dick & Linda Smothers, Joan Collins & Ron Kass Oct 1st, 1977 Found
4 Unknown Unknown Lost
5 Unknown Unknown Lost
6 Richard Dawson & Jody Donovan, Gene & Helen Rayburn & Anson Williams & Lorrie Mahaffey Nov 28th, 1977 Partially Found
7 Unknown Unknown Lost
8 Unknown Unknown Lost
9 Unknown Unknown Lost
10 Unknown Unknown Lost
11 Unknown Unknown Lost
12 Unknown Unknown Lost
13 Unknown Unknown Lost
14 Unknown Unknown Lost
15 Unknown Unknown Lost
16 Bill Macy & Samantha Harper, Bobby Troup & Julie London, John Ritter & Nancy Morgan Dec 31st, 1977 Found
17 Unknown Unknown Lost
18 Unknown Unknown Lost
19 Unknown Unknown Lost
20 Unknown Unknown Lost
21 Unknown Unknown Lost
22 Unknown Unknown Lost
23 Unknown Unknown Lost
24 Unknown Unknown Lost
25 Unknown Unknown Lost
26 Unknown Unknown Lost
27 Unknown Unknown Lost
28 Unknown Unknown Lost
29 Unknown Unknown Lost
30 Unknown Apr 3rd, 1978 Lost

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