To Tell the Truth (lost unreleased DVD game based on panel show; 2005)

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The game's cover art from the Amazon listing.

Status: Lost

To Tell the Truth is an American panel-style game show created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The show's basic format features a panel of four celebrities, who must guess which one of three contestants is in fact the (often also famous, or fame-adjacent) person they are all claiming to be. The panel asks questions of all three claimants and gauges the authenticity of their answers. Over the decades since its network debut in 1956, the show has been a fixture on the American game show scene; the current version debuted on ABC in June 2016 and is hosted by actor Anthony Anderson. As with any other game show, merchandise for To Tell The Truth was made and the show saw a board game, two online games and a slot machine released over the years. At one point, a DVD game based on the show was planned for release but never saw the light of day.


Very little is known about the DVD Game. What is known is that an Australian company named Imagination Entertainment (now known as Imagination Gaming) was behind the creation of the game. The company had also made several other DVD games based on Fremantle's library of game shows like Family Feud[1], Let's Make A Deal[2], Press Your Luck[3], other shows like Deal Or No Deal[4], The Singing Bee[5], Who Wants To Be A Millionaire[6], America's Funniest Home Videos[7] and original productions like Fact or Crap Beat Da Bomb[8] and Would You Rather[9]. The company is still active as of the writing of this article and make games for GameStar+ including ones based on Fremantle's game shows[10] like Family Feud[11] and Press Your Luck.


Several mentions of the game can be found on various Fandom websites[12][13], but outside of that, no information on the game is known, like what the format was and the game was never released. In 2017, a listing for the game appeared on, which showcased the game's cover art[14]. The listing has since been out of stock and no copies of the game have surfaced online or are known to circulate.

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