Call My Bluff (partially found NBC game show; 1965)

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Bill Leyden during an episode.

Status: Partially Found

Call My Bluff was a American game show that aired on NBC from March 29th, 1965 to September 24th, 1965. It was created by the legendary Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and hosted by Bill Leyden. Although the show didn't do well in the United States, it was a runaway success overseas in countries like Britain, Australia, Denmark and Finland. However like another show Goodson and Todman created Snap Judgement, this show has not been reran since it was last aired and very little to no episodes exist online.


Two teams of two contestants and one celebrity compete in determining the definitions to some obscure words. The teams were given a word, one of the team members will have a correct definition and the other two will have bluffs. The other team has to guess which one is the correct definition, if they did just that, they get a point, if they get a bluff, the bluffing team gets a point. The teams keep switching roles until one of them scores two points and $100.

In the bonus game, both teams play the round, the winning team plays for $200 and the losing team plays to stay in the game. A guest with a interesting backstory, who will then give clues to the teams as to the guests identity. The winning team gets three clues, one clue was the correct story and the other two were blanks allowing the team members who have the blanks to make up bluffs. The losing team must determine which clue is the correct one. If the correct one was chosen, the losing team gets to play another game and wins $200, if they chose the blank one, the winning team won the cash and the losing team was defeated and replaced.[1]


No episodes have been aired since the show was last aired. Two rehearsal shows were recorded and are known to exist, one of them is in the UCLA Film and Television Archive but no series episodes have been seen. The only footage from an aired episode is the intro of one the was uploaded to YouTube by user Gilmore Box on May 20th, 2012. On September 27, 2020, Buzzr aired the second rehearsal episode as part of their "Lost and Found" block. To promote the airing, Buzzr uploaded the first 8 minutes of it on their YouTube channel. A recording of the episode from the September 27th airing emerged on YouTube by user The Game Show Channel. Although it has since been taken down, mirrors of the airing have been archived.


The intro from the episode.

The first 8 minutes of the second rehearsal show.

Second rehearsal show in full.

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