Rock Feud (lost unaired pilot of cancelled spin-off of Pearson game show; 2001)

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The Family Feud Story The Road to Steve Harvey 22-47 screenshot.png

Connor Higgin's recreation of the pilot's logo.

Status: Lost

Family Feud is an American game show that was created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and first premiered on ABC on June 12th, 1976, and was first hosted by Hogan's Heroes actor Richard Dawson. The show was based on the bonus round of another show Goodson and Todman made called "Match Game" and has families go head to head as they give answers to survey questions and the winning family goes on to play for $20,000. The show was an immediate success on ABC and the show continues to air on television in syndication with comedian Steve Harvey as host since 2010. The show has seen several spin-offs over the years with the most notable being Celebrity Family Feud which as of this writing is still airing new episodes on ABC after a previous incarnation that aired on NBC in 2008. One spin-off was ordered by VH1 in 2001, a pilot was filmed but the show was cancelled before it aired.


The spin-off was entitled "Rock Feud" and was said to be a more edgier version of the original show (more keen to Rock & Roll Jeopardy![1] and Name That Video[2] which was airing on VH1 at the time). The two teams of families were replaced with two rock bands and was hosted by comedian and future MADtv cast member Johnny A. Sanchez. A pilot was filmed and the bands Save Ferris and Lit were chosen to take part in the pilot. It was almost green lit by VH1 but they passed on the show at the last minute. No reason was given for VH1 passing on the show, but it's likely the cancellation of Rock & Roll Jeopardy! and Name That Video the same year may've been sighted as the reason the channel passed on the show.


The existence of the failed spin-off was first mentioned by former Quizbusters host Matt Ottinger in a September 2002 Google Groups chat[3] and wasn't widely known until YouTube user Connor Higgins, did a video on Family Feud from its 1999 return to the present day and was notified by an unknown employee who worked at Pearson (the company producing Family Feud during Louie's tenure) at the time of the pilot's creation about its existence. It was also revealed that the music that played during the original show's bonus round throughout the 2000s was taken from the pilot. No photos or footage of the pilot can be found and it's currently unknown if VH1 still has the pilot in their archives.


Connor Higgin's video on Family Feud from 1999 onwards (mentions of Rock Feud at 22:11)

Fast Money music from the pilot.

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