Later... Presents Oasis (partially lost full performance of British rock band; 2000)

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The special's title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Later... with Jools Holland is a British music show that premiered on BBC Two on 8 October 1992[1]. It is one of few music programs that not only still airing after 30 years, but also to not have any of it's featured artists lip-sync or mime their performances. A spin-off of BBB Two's The Late Show and hosted by it's namesake pianist Jools Holland, the show hosts a large variety of up-and-coming artists and well-known established artists from a variety of genres. Since it's debut in 1992, it has been broadcasted in various different countries around the world[2], including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, France and Belgium. On various occasions, the show would do specials focused on a certain artist with an exclusive set being performed for the special, one of these specials were for the British rock band Oasis in 2000.


The special was filmed on 11 February 2000 and would air on 1 April that same year. Unlike other artist-focused specials the show has done, this one is significant for various reasons. It's the first time the band has performed in the UK since the UK leg of the Be Here Now tour that ended in December 1997, the first UK performance of new members Gem Archer on rhythm guitar and Andy Bell on bass (who replaced Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs and Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan who left the band the year prior), the first performance of several songs from there then-upcoming album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants which would be released three weeks after the performance was recorded (which would be Go Let It Out, Who Feels Love, Where Did It All Go Wrong?, Sunday Morning Call and Gas Panic!) and the first performance of Rock 'n' Roll Star since 1995. They also performed a cover of The Who's My Generation that would only be performed once on the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Tour before disappearing from the setlist during the Japanese leg (it would return to the setlist in 2002 and would be performed at every gig until the end of the Don't Believe The Truth tour in 2006).

Song List

# Song Title Status
1 Go Let It Out Found
2 Who Feels Love Found
3 Supersonic Found
4 Some Might Say Found
5 Cigarettes & Alcohol Found
6 Acquiesce Lost
7 Where Did It All Go Wrong? Found
8 Sunday Morning Call Lost
9 Gas Panic! Found
10 Rock 'n' Roll Star Found
11 Wonderwall Found
12 Don't Look Back in Anger Found
13 Live Forever Found
14 My Generation Found



Before the special aired, the performance of Live Forever was included on the 29 March 2000 edition Top Of The Pops 2 as promotion for the upcoming special (along with a note stating that the song won't be in the special). Aside from Live Forever, Acquiesce and Sunday Morning Call[4][5] were also cut from the special, likely due to time constraints. While the whole special, along with the episode of Top Of The Pops 2 with the Live Forever performance can be found today, the full performance remains partially lost. Bootlegs from the Standing On The Should Of Giants era of Oasis are very common and have appeared online quite a lot[6], though the full performance for Later... Presents Oasis has not turned up.


The aired special (minus Acquiesce, Sunday Morning Call and Live Forever).

Live Forever (taken from TOTP2)

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