Oasis: Live in Aberdeen (partially lost audio of Scotland performance of British rock band; 2002)

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The band in 2002.

Status: Partially Lost

The Heathen Chemistry Tour was a concert tour by the British rock band Oasis in support of their fifth album "Heathen Chemistry" which was released two weeks into the tour on July 1, 2002. The album was not very well-received, although some say that it's better than their previous album Standing On The Should Of Giants[1] and to this day it's not the most highly-regarded in the band's catalogue[2][3]. The tour in support of the album would be another successful tour for the band, though it was not safe from various incidents with the most highlighted incidents on the tour being the numerous times lead singer Liam Gallagher left the stage during the band's set due to his voice giving out.


The first time on the tour that his voice gave out was during the tour's first US gig in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Noel ended up doing eight songs from the band's usual set after Liam left the stage and an acoustic set of songs from the band's back catalogue would fill the void of songs that Liam would sing in the set. The other two times Liam's voice gave out were in Aberdeen, Scotland on September 10th[4] and Fukuoka, Japan on October 1st[5] with Liam only making it through the first three quarters of the former before his voice gave out, however the gig didn't get off to a good start to begin with. After the first song of the set Hello, Liam spotted two girls in the crowd talking during the song and told them to "shut the fuck up" and was quoted in saying "If you want to talk go to a fucking Travis show." Liam later informed the crowd that he didn't like "this talking between songs shite". Liam's voice eventually gave out during Better Man and Noel finished the song after being concerned about Liam. After the song, Liam informed the crowd that his throat was knackered before going into Acquiesce[6]. After Acquiesce, the band left the stage and Noel return with a chair and an acoustic guitar and informed the crowd that Liam was not coming back, before launching into an encore that included The Masterplan on the acoustic, Don't Look Back In Anger with the rest of the band and ended the show with an acoustic rendition of Wonderwall (one of a handful of times that the song was performed on the tour).


Bootlegs of the tour (including of the Fort Lauderdale and Fukuoka shows) can easily be found online, though only a handful of those bootlegs were above soundboard quality. The Aberdeen gig was recorded from the soundboard and sections of the gig were aired on Clyde 1 as promotion for the Braehead Arena gigs in November 2002. To keep the broadcast within the one hour timeslot, Hello, Hung In A Bad Place, Columbia, Born On A Different Cloud, Better Man and Force Of Nature were trimmed. References to talking during songs (aside from a quote from Liam just before Acquiesce) and Liam's throat (aside from a mention from Noel before Wonderwall) were also cut. A recording of the Clyde 1 broadcast has since resurfaced online albeit in poor quality with some YouTube uploads of the recording having it's speed fixed. The full soundboard recording of the gig has not resurfaced outside of the Clyde 1 broadcast and the aforementioned broadcast is all that has surfaced of the recording.


Shakermaker's upload of the Clyde 1 broadcast.

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