Van Halen (lost follow up album for Van Halen III; 1999)

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Van Halen - Van Halen III.jpg

Van Halen III album cover

Status: Lost

In early 1999, american rock band Van Halen return to the studio to record a follow-up album to 1998's commercially and critically disappointing "Van Halen III" with their third lead singer Gary Cherone. The working titles for the songs were "Left For Dead", "River Wide", "Say Uncle", "You Wear It Well", "Rock and Roll Cliche", "I Want Her Anyway", "More Than Yesterday", "Love Again" and "Miss You Much". The real names of the songs are unknown and it was revealed on the bands official website that Danny Kortchmar is producing the album and "More than 20 songs have been written to date".[1] Cherone quit the band in November 1999 and production on the album was cancelled. The band went into a five year hiatus and Cherone formed his own band called "Tribe of Judah", that band released only one album "Exit Elvis". One song on the album "Left For Dead" was meant for the cancelled Van Halen album.[2] The whereabouts of the remaining songs are unknown and it was revealed by Cherone in 2012 that two of the twenty songs were recorded before he left.[3]


Left for Dead was from the cancelled Van Halen album.
Video that discusses the cancelled album.