Shop 'Til You Drop (lost mobile game based on game show; mid-2000s)

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Logo used to promote the game.

Status: Lost

Shop 'Til You Drop was a game show created by Stone Stanley Productions that aired between July 8th, 1991 and May 27th, 2005 across Lifetime, The Family Channel and PAX-TV. The first twelve years were hosted by Pat Finn and the last three years of the show's run by JD Roberto. The format for the first twelve years were very stunt oriented where two couples participate in a variety of stunts that are shaped around pop culture and after completing the stunt, they choose a store in the mall and they win a prize. Then there is a speed round where the two couples face off answering a variety of pop culture related questions and the couple with the most points at the end of one minute and thirty seconds they go on to the final round called the "Shop 'Til You Drop Round" which became the vocal point of the show. The final round has one member of the couple being receive small prizes where they can either run throughout the mall and drop it off at a store and picked up the one that was at the store and drop it off at the table or just bring it to the table. All the prizes the couple accommodated in one minute and thirty seconds have prices and if the total is over $2,500 they win a trip. The format for the last three years of the show's run was completely different, the stunt oriented rounds were gone and in place were visual questions and when the couple wins a visual question game, one of the couple members has to run to an aisle in the mega store and grab a box that has a prize in it. The speed round and "Shop 'Til You Drop" round remained the same.

Despite the show lasting fourteen years, only one mobile game was made based on the JD Roberto and was developed by Reaxion shortly after the show ended.[1]


The game was available until 2010 when Reaxion closed down. No footage from the game exists and only four screenshots from the game can be found online and the game's page on Reaxion's website can also be found on the Wayback Machine. It is unknown if a ROM for the game exists today or if there is anyway to play the game.