Concentration (lost mobile game based on Barry-Enright game show; 2008)

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Concentration ts.jpg

The game's title screen.

Status: Lost

Concentration was a game show adaptation of the children's memory game of the same name that aired sporadically from 1958 to 1991 across various iterations that aired either on NBC or in Syndication. The show was created by Jack Barry and Dan Enright and was the only show created by the duo to not be a quiz show (as their only quiz shows that were airing at the time were under investigation by a grand jury for being rigged) and would be the duo's longest-running show in its original run on NBC from August 25th, 1958, to March 23rd, 1973. A new version of the show has never materialized despite numerous attempts by the show's current rights owners, NBCUniversal, although reruns have later versions of the show have aired on Buzzr since 2018[1][2].


The show was a simple memory game where a grid of 25 to 30 squares hides a rebus puzzle and two contestants must eliminate the squares (which have matching prizes) to reveal sections of the rebus and solve what the rebus is saying. The bonus game depends on the version of the show that aired, they range from a shower of money to solving a couple rebus puzzles to matching several cars from a grid of 15 squares.

Mobile Game

Despite not airing in the 2000s, two video games based on the show were released. One was a PC game made by Reflexive Arcade in 2007 and a mobile game made by Glu Mobile in 2008. The format of the games follow the format from the final version of the show entitled "Classic Concertation" with the bonus game being you have two match various cars in the time given and the final car you match will be the car you win[3].


Although the PC Game is longer in print, copies of the game continue to appear online[4] and is available to download on websites like Internet Archive[5]. The mobile game however has since vanished and can no longer be played. Glu Mobile's other mobile games based on game shows like The Price Is Right[6], Family Feud[7] and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire[8] can still be found and playable today. No footage of the game can be found online and only screenshots of the game are all that can be found of the Concentration mobile game.


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