Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da Documentary (partially found unreleased Stone Temple Pilots documentary film; early 2000s)

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STP Shangri La Dee Da Cover.jpg

The album's cover.

Status: Partially Found

Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da Documentary is an unreleased documentary produced by Chapman Baehler covering the making of Shangri-La Dee Da (Stone Temple Pilots' fifth album).[1]


Although the documentary wasn't officially titled, it was set to be released in late 2001 along with a coffee table book, after the release of the album. It was set to be the "Modern Day Let It Be" (referring to Michael Lindsay-Hogg's film about the Beatles' final album of the same name). The film follows the band through preproduction and hammering out new songs to putting the tunes down on tape. Baehler explained that the documentary included beautiful and moody shots with either Dean or Robert playing an old organ in a secluded wing of the villa, Robert and Scott playing "Wonderful" acoustically, and some "totally awesome rock-out live stuff" in the main recording space.


It is unknown why the film was never released, many reasons point to the album not performing well on the charts despite performing well with critics and fans alike, the band wanting to make Shangri a double album but the label Atlantic was hesitant about the idea or the inner conflict between the band members which resulted in the band breaking up in 2002 following a physical altercation between lead singer Scott Weiland and guitarist Dead Deleo.[2]


On February 8th, 2007, YouTuber RJZS uploaded a nearly 5-minute video of what appears to be footage that was going to be used for the film, which included short in-studio performances of Days of the Week, Hollywood Bitch, and Wonderful (songs that appeared on Shangri). The next day he uploaded a full in-studio performance of Hello It's Late. On August 14th, 2018 YouTuber Stone Temple Pilots Legacy uploaded an in-studio performance of Too Cool Queenie which was also from the documentary.



A news report about the album.
Interview with Robert Deleo, Eric Kretz and Dead Deleo explaining the double album concept.


Video containing three short performances
In studio performance of Too Cool Queenie.
In studio performance of Hello It's Late.