Crosswits (partially found soundtrack for Ralph Edwards game show; 1970s)

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The show's logo from 1975 to 1977

Status: Partially Found

Cross-wits was an American game show created by Ralph Edwards that aired from December 15, 1975 to September 12, 1980 in syndication with 1,025 episodes airing during that time. The show was hosted by Jack Clark (who was mostly known for announcing game shows like Password, Split Second and Wheel Of Fortune). The show was briefly brought back in 1986 with future Outdoor Channel personality David Sparks but ended a year later. The show's soundtrack was composed by Ron Kaye, Buddy Kaye and Philip Springer.[1]


Two teams of two celebrities and one civilian compete in solving cross word puzzles that describe a person, place or thing. Solving one word scores the team 10 points a letter and guessing the subject the cross word puzzle is describing scores the team 100 points. The team with the most points when the bell goes will go onto the crossfire round. In the crossfire round, the civilian and the celebrity (of their choosing) from the winning team have 60 seconds to guess a cross word board of 10 clues. Solving all 10 in 60 seconds or less wins the civilian a trip, but failing to get all 10 clues in the time given will win the civilian a consolation prize.[2][3]

Soundtrack and Availability

Although the show had an average format and run, the soundtrack by Ron and Buddy Kaye and Phillip Springer is well remembered by fans of the show, but in the years since the show ended in 1980, the soundtrack has become hard to come by and is very sought after by game show fans. The first theme by Springer surfaced on YouTube in December 2008 by user secondchance1977. On February 23, 2014, user JohnRicci89 uploaded a flash demo of the show and used most of the show's soundtrack. Some of which is muffled by applause sound effects. In 2012, while promoting the recently discovered soundtrack to Whew!, the Museum of Television Production Music noted that "Agree to a release as the responsible party with reasonable, similar terms to the Crosswits gift of 2010.". Leading to speculation that the soundtrack may've been released to the public in 2010.[4]


The show's first theme.

Flash recreation of the show that uses some tracks from the soundtrack.