I'm With Stupid (partially found game show pilot featuring Graham Norton; 2003)

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Graham Norton

Status: Partially Found

I'm with Stupid is an unsold game show pilot that was pitched to ABC[1] sometime in 2003.


The pilot was taped at the Tribune Studios (now known as the Sunset Bronson Studios[2]) on the same stage that the popular game show Family Feud was also taping on. For the pilot, the podiums where the families and faceoff would normally be at were removed along with any reference to Family Feud and four standard chairs for the four teams were used. The host of the pilot is Irish actor and presenter Graham Norton (now best known for his very popular eponymous talk show that has been airing in the United Kingdom since 2007).


The format of the pilot is very similar to the format of Pyramid but with a "twist". According to Uncle John's OLD FAITHFUL 30th Anniversary Bathroom Reader[3],

"...each team with one contestant had been determined by producers to be very intelligent and the other one to be very, very dumb."


Any other information on this pilot is unknown, like who pitched it and why it was rejected and is very obscure. The only footage from the pilot to have surfaced is in two installments of VH1's Game Show Moments Gone Bananas in 2005.


Clips from the pilot