Ōji Binbin Monogatari (lost build of unreleased Famicom port of PC role-playing game; 1988)

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Review for the game.

Status: Lost

Ōji Binbin Monogatari (王子ビンビン物語 Legend of the Throbbing Prince)[1] is a cancelled 1988 Famicom role-playing game developed and published by East Cube. It is a port of the 1987 PC-98/FM-7/X1/MSX2 game Ōji Binbin Monogatari: Sorekara Hakusho.[2]


The main character of the game is a loser of a prince whose wife, Snow White, has left him. His parents, the king, and queen are upset that he let such a good wife get away, and kick him out of the castle, saying they won't let him back in until he gets her back. The prince, realizing his predicament, sets out to find Snow White and bring her home.


The player goes on a journey, have battles, gather money and weapons and level up, and try to achieve your goal but it was the goal itself that's rather tragic. As the player progress through the game, they would find all kinds of weird gimmicks/traps.

The game was said to be very difficult, even self-proclaimed role-playing game experts may find themselves stuck in places.


The screenshots posted in the magazine are from the original computer version. No prototypes or screenshots of the port are known to exist.