Șuie Paparude - Iarba Verde de Acasă (partially found music video; 1998)

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A picture of Mihai Dobre alias (also known as Dobrică) during the filming of the music video.

Status: Partially Found

Șuie Paparude is a Romanian electronic music band, founded in 1993 by Mihai Cămpineanu (Michi) and Mihai Dobre (Dobrică), the band is known for the hit singles like Pentru Inimi, Armada Verbală, La Mare, Iarba Verde de Acasă, and Ajutor.

Iarba Verde de Acasă

In 1997, the band Șuie Paparude released the single Iarba Verde de Acasă, which was featured on their second album released in November the same year, Salvează-Te (Save Yourself), in April of 1998 they released the music video of Iarba Verde de Acasă, according to the interview from 1999, the music video features a shepherd traveling through the city of Bucharest, the idea was a contrast between natural and artificial, in the music video, the band members at that time (Dobre & Cămpineanu) on different billboards in the city, and after that, they show some footage of one of their concerts.


As of 2019, the music video, there is no copy available online, no TV recordings, no original copies, neither sources, rarely gets shown on H!T Music Channel, the only possibility to get the full music video, is to capture from H!T Music Channel or to contact the director of the music video or the members of Șuie Paparude. The only available is a segment, took from a reportage about TMBase 2000 that took place in Timisoara.


Segment from a reportage about TMBase 2000.
The concert featured in the music video.