1 o' clock prayer (lost Filipino prayer habit interstitial; 1990s)

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Recreation of the endcard.

Status: Lost

The Seed-Love Devotion is a daily Catholic prayer habit in the Philippines of praying one Hail Mary at one o'clock.[1] It was developed by Mama Mary’s Movement Foundation Inc. founded on May 6, 1993.[2] It is the opposite to the Divine Mercy, which is prayed at three o'clock.

In the 1990s, ABC 5 (now TV5) and IBC 13 aired a daily 1 o'clock Prayer interstitial. The footage accompanying the prayer was said to be unsettling, as it contains the image of the so-called "Bloodshed Mary" or Mary crying in blood, also known as the Agoo Apparition.


The segment starts with the time "1 o'clock" displayed. The word "WISH" (Worship God the Father, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy Spirit) is shown, followed by an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, then an image of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. The prayer was then narrated. Different pictures of Mary, Baclaran Church, Catholics, and the infamous Agoo Apparition are shown. A typewriter-like written with the words "Heavenly Father with Mama Mary, we lift up to you the petitions of our brothers and sisters who are praying now..."[3] was shown and a long pause was seen with a picture of Mary crying with Jesus (said to be the Pieta painting) during the "...and at the hour of our death, Amen." part. The phrase "Mama Mary leads us to Jesus, Seed Love Devotion" on Apple Garamond font was then shown[4] along with the logo of Mama Mary’s Movement Foundation Inc.[5]

According to eyewitnesses, these are the following pictures shown while the voiceover speaks the prayer:

  • Hail Mary = Guadalupe
  • Full of grace = Our Lady Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace
  • The Lord is with you = Baclaran Church
  • Blessed are you among women = Woman praying in Baclaran Church
  • And blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus = Crucified and dead Jesus Christ
  • Holy Mary Mother of God = Agoo Apparition
  • Pray for us, sinners now... = A crowd of Catholics.
  • ...and at the hour of our death, Amen. = a picture of Mary crying with Jesus (said to be the Pieta painting)


It is said to be aired on Sine Klasiks on ABC-5 and before cartoons on IBC-13.[6] It is said to be aired during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The 2000s version which has still the WISH part[7] is available on the web and is a laid-back not like it's predecessor. Several pictures used in the commercial are available online.

However, the 1990s version of the interstitial hasn't yet resurfaced on the web.

Available pictures used in the commercial


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