64 Zoo Lane (lost pitch pilot of British French children's animated TV series; 1994)

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64 zoo lane pilot.jpeg

A promotional image for the pilot.

Status: Lost

64 Zoo Lane is an animated children's TV series created by An Vrombaut, that originally ran from 1999-2003 and from 2010-2013. The series revolves around a 7-year-old girl named Lucy who lives next to a zoo where the animals there tell her a story every night she visits them.


In 1994 a pilot was made for the series, after winning the prize money for An's previous film Little Wolf and with a loan from CARTOON, that's part of the European Union organization MEDIA II (Measures to Encourage the Development of the Industry of Audiovisual Production) that funds various TV series and films in Europe to help compete in the international market.[1]

The pilot started development in 1993 and was finished a year later, where it was shown at the Cartoon Forum in the Azores. Despite the pilot's popularity, it took 5 years to get the funding it needed to make it into a full series, and another 2 years for Zoo Lane Productions and Millimages (a French production company) to develop the first season.[2]

Other than a promotional image, no footage or any other material of the pilot is currently available as of 2023.


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