AFI "Ronnie Was A Rebel/Ronnie 2" (partially found Chaos UK cover song; 1993)

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The front cover of System Failure Vol. 1.

Status: Partially Found

On December 29, 1993, American rock band AFI performed a show at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California. Though 5 tracks from this performance were released on the 1994 live EP Eddie Picnic's All Wet, the group reportedly also performed a cover of "Ronnie Was a Rebel" parts I and II, originally from punk band Chaos UK.[1][2] The recording of this cover has become one of the rarest AFI songs ever made, as it is not on any official releases and no copies of it have surfaced on the internet.


There is a bootleg tape under the name of System Failure Vol. 1, which contains many songs from an assortment of bands. The AFI performance of "Ronnie" was included on it, according to the tracklist provided by a user who auctioned the tape on eBay for $125 USD in 2008.[3] However, there are no known rips of this tape, and no other copies have appeared for sale.

In spite of the song's obscurity, multiple people have come forward to claim that they once had an MP3 copy of it that was traded around in the past, but that they have since lost it.[4] If any fans do still have this MP3, they have not come forward with it. Additionally, there are no traces of footage of the song being performed live from the live concert in Petaluma, CA.

System Failure Vol. 1 tracklist

# Band Track Title Status
A1 Dead And Gone Prone Found
A2 Litmus Green For Too Found
A3 Jon Martyr/Anxiety Authority Figure Lost
A4 Armed Relapse God Found
A5 Siren What We Need Lost
A6 Multi Facet So Typical Lost
A7 K.P.F. Amerikan Way Found
A8 AFI Ronnie Was A Rebel Lost
A9 Autonomy Abolish Apartheid Found
A10 Submission No Side Lost
A11 Naked Aggression You're A Disgrace Found
A12 Oppressed Logic Tension Found
A13 The Randumbs Hijack Lost
A14 Adolescents (UK) Jelly Me Chette Lost
A15 Corrupted Ideals Oppression With A Question Found
A16 Fight For Change Closet Nazi Lost
A17 General Fools Drinking Up My Mind Found
A18 Rejected Motherfu**ers Exploitation Lost
A19 Litmus Green Robotech Found
A20 Tha Skirts (Sean Sh*t's Band) Too Fu**ed Up To Care Lost
B1 The Randumbs Daryl Lost
B2 Mickey And The Big Mouths Society House Lost
B3 Korrupt Tradition Lost
B4 Naked Aggression Driven Down The Road Found
B5 Multi Facet Wasteland Lost
B6 Armed Relapse Day After Day Found
B7 Autonomy Poverty And Death Found
B8 Siren Money Changes Everything Lost
B9 Submission Victim Lost
B10 Milkfat Lost
B11 Adolescents (UK) No-no Lost
B12 Corrupted Ideals Westworld Lost
B13 General Fools Quesse Found
B14 Furley Gnarlyspadokey Lost
B15 Last Round Up Average Americans Found
B16 Korrupt Pa Tradition Lost
B17 Black Fork Fortune Cookie Nookie Found
B18 Tha Skirts Mark's A Fu**in' Lush Lost
B19 Wheelchair M.F.'s I Love Rock n' Roll Lost


Only existing fragment of Ronnie II
Geoff Kresge's soundboard recording of the performance in question

On August 21, 2015, AFI's former bassist (present at the time of recording) Geoff Kresge posted a fragment of the clip to his Instagram page.[5] While positively identified as the song appearing on System Failure, Vol. 1, the recording clearly portrays the song "Ronnie II" being performed,[6] meaning the labeling was likely a mistake (despite the band being known to have performed "Ronnie Was a Rebel"). Kresge has kept the entire soundboard recording to the show, as he has also pictured. Additionally, Kresge also teased additional lost and unreleased AFI content, including the track "Flux Capacitor", a track which was only ever performed live, and an unknown studio track, originating from an abandoned 4 track EP.

Kresge was documenting his process of remastering these tracks, but as of July 2019 there have been no further developments.

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