AMC Movie Talk 5/21/15 (lost episode; 2015)

AMC Movie Talk 5/21/2015
The 5/20/15 Movie Talk episode
The 5/20/15 Movie Talk episode
Status Lost

On May 21st, 2015, an AMC Movie Talk (which is now known as Collider Movie Talk[1] episode aired live that was removed from YouTube soon after. Nearly always, the AMC Movie Talk episodes air live and are posted on YouTube soon after. Many comments[2], on the following day's Movie Talk video claim the episode was removed because John Campea and the rest of the cast aired a video of Maude Garrett being pranked by a Chucky Doll,[3] in which the whole panel ridiculed Maude in a cruel way. However, these claims are unconfirmed. The Chucky video itself is still available to be viewed on YouTube via Maude Garrett's channel.[4]


  1. Link to the show's current iteration, Collider Movie Talk)
  2. AMC Movie Talk's episode the following day, on 5/22/15, in which many people comment about the previous day's episode
  3. The video of Maude Garrett being pranked by a Chucky doll, which accounts claim to be what got the episode removed
  4. Maude Garrett's channel



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5 months ago
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Definitely rather eerie as far as video interviews go. There is something very off about her reaction to the costume.
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