Alicia's Song (partially found full version of unidentified song; date unknown)

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Part of the song was in a video edit with scenes from Disney's animated film, Alice in Wonderland.

Status: Partially Found

"Alicia's Song" (known in Spanish as "La Canción de Alicia") is the name given to an incomplete song of unknown origin and author first shared on Facebook in 2021. An internet search has since formed to find the real name of the track, and if possible, its full version.


The oldest known record of the song dates back to July 5, 2021, when a Facebook user named Jitomate Triste shared the only known fragment in various groups asking if anyone knew its name. Part of the song was in a video edit with scenes from Disney's animated film, Alice in Wonderland. The shared snippet was 1 minute and 4 seconds long. Jitomate Tristes's posts did not attract the attention of other users, so they were quickly put aside. Shortly after, their Facebook account would be deactivated and has not been seen since then.

The original video was re-uploaded to YouTube by another user a couple of days later. Said re-upload would attract the attention of some people in September of that same year, starting a search.

Track Information

The song is not recognizible with Shazam or any other music recognition app, and putting the lyrics to Google doesn't return any results.

The genre of the song has been described as New-Wave, alternative rock or psychedelic rock. Due to its quality, and mainly because of the echo that can be heard, it is thought that it is not a studio song, but a live recording or a demo. An important fact to note is that, despite being a song with lyrics in English, the singer does not seem to be a native of that language due to the way he pronounces some words. The most popular theory suggests that he would be a Spanish speaker, with Chile and Argentina being the two most mentioned countries in the search.

Discarded Artists

Gin & Tonic

In mid-October 2021, a YouTube user named 'Yo yoyo' suggested that the band that could made the song was called Gin & Tonic. The band in question existed, was of Chilean origin and was formed in 2001, breaking up at some point in 2005. The group only had one album titled Free as the Sun, with the peculiarity of being sung in English.[1]

Some concluded that the lead vocalist of Gin & Tonic had a voice similar of the singer from "Alicia's Song", in addition to the fact that the theme has a similar style of the band. However, when searching the Free as the Sun album and the band's demos, the song did not appear. Finally, at the end of October, some users contacted Ricardo Méndez, the Gin & Tonic's vocalist, who confirmed that they never made the song. Nevertheless, he released a cover by the name Under the Stars in his YouTube channel.[2]

Other Discarded Artists

  • Pitty Álvarez (Argentinian composer)
  • Hombres G (Spanish pop rock band)
  • Oasis (English rock band)
  • Pablo Romero (Árbol's vocalist, Argentinian alternative rock band)
  • Cursi (Uruguayan pop rock band)


Jitomate Triste's video reupload, with the only known snippet of the song.

Richardvox cover, recreating most of the song.

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