Alternate History League Episode 2 (lost episode of YouTube collaboration series; 2017)

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Status: Lost

Alternate History League was an intended collaboration series between four YouTubers who specialize in the genre of Alternate History: Whatifalthist, Monsieur Z, Planet Althistory (then referred to as Althistory Luxembourg), and Phrenotopia (then known as Phrenomythic), while hosted on Whatifalthist's channel with new episodes released weekly.

The idea of the series was that the four of them come together as a discussion board that would debate, analyze and speculate for over an hour about an alternate history setting, ranging from the likely point of divergence, the ramifications and possibilities of that world. Proposed scenarios include Rome never falling, or the Soviet Union winning the Cold War.

The first episode was about a hypothetical Nazi victory in World War II, released on September 15th, 2017. While this was intended to be the first episode in a series, ultimately no further episodes were publicly released, with the cited reason being a lack of interest between Whatifalthist and Monsieur Z to commit to it on a weekly basis.

However, a second episode was created that is unable to be viewed. On Whatifalthist's Alternate History League playlist, the second episode is listed, but set to private. It's unknown what the topic of that video was about.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Announcement video
Alternate History League: Nazi Victory in World War 2