Angel (found Ziv International English dub of "Lunlun the Flower Child" anime series; 1980)

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Angel title card.jpg

The title card from the Ziv International dub.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Aug '18

Found by: TVFromThePast

Angel is an English adaptation of the 1979 Magical Girl anime Lunlun the Flower Child (花の子ルンルン, Hana no Ko Runrun), produced by Ziv International in 1980 whom later also produced and licensed Harmony Gold's version in 1985 as a compressed film for a couple of episodes. It was broadcast on HBO and covered the first two episodes of the original 50 episode series. The original Japanese score was omitted and it was replaced with a funky disco score by Mark Mercury under the name The Bullets. In 1980, it was released on a vinyl record by Ziv International and featured the first two episodes. According to the record, The first episode is titled "The Flower Child" and the second episode is "Angel and the Magic Key".[1] In 1982, it was released on VHS by Family Home Entertainment under the name The Flower Angel and featured the first two episodes. In the same year, it was released on VHS and Betamax by Media Home Entertainment.[2] Five years later in 1987, it was released on VHS by Master Vision in the UK under the name Angel Cloud and once again featured the first two episodes[3]. Twenty-two years later in 2009, the two episodes were featured in a DVD compilation called Fairy Tale Adventures.[4] Along with the new score, the characters were renamed to Angel (Lunlun), Cathy (Cateau), Wendal (Nuveau), Melicia (Togenishia) and Ivan (Yabouki).


As of 2018, it is unknown if Ziv International finished the other 48 episodes into English when it aired on HBO and since VCR's weren't common back then, the English dubbed episodes are mostly considered lost. However, the Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian dubs were based on the English dub and the Marc Mercury score was left intact in these countries. Also, all the countries mentioned covered all 50 episodes.

When it comes to it on the internet, the first episodes were uploaded on YouTube on January 5th, 2009,[5] but the channel was terminated and the videos were gone as a result. As of 2018, the episodes have not been uploaded to YouTube, Dailymotion or Archive. However, some of these releases can be found on eBay[6] and

Most of the information of the dub can be found through a review by Anime Bargain Bin Reviews.[7]

On June 7th, 2018, Facebook user TVFromThePast recently received the Angel Cloud VHS from eBay and is currently in the process of converting the VHS to a DVD. On June 10th, 2018, TVFromThePast announced that he will be posting the two Ziv dubbed episodes onto YouTube or on his Facebook page in the coming weeks in July.[8] On August 3rd, 2018, he posted the full Angel Cloud VHS onto his Facebook account which can be found right here.[9] It is later uploaded to YouTube and Archive.[10][11]



The full Angel/Angel Cloud Ziv International English dub VHS.
The intro from the Ziv International dub.
The Angel vinyl record playing the intro from the Ziv International dub.