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Charles Green, AKA Angry Grandpa, in the thumbnail of the infamous bomb prank video.

Status: Partially Lost

Charles Marvin Green, Jr., better known as "The Angry Grandpa", was an American YouTuber active from 2007 until his death in 2017 and well-known for his oft-destructive outbursts, pranks, rants, stories, and vlogs. The Angry Grandpa video series starred Charles, his youngest son and cameraman Michael Green, and Michael's girlfriend Bridgette West. Recurring appearances were also made by Charles's second wife Tina Sharp, their children Charles III (better known as "Charlie Chill"), Jennifer and Kim, their grandchildren, Charles's neighbor Tina Dandridge, Bridgette's father Doug West, and Charles's fianceé Lauren Davi.

Despite being an internet sensation and a popular YouTuber in his own right who gained over 3,000,000 subscribers in his lifetime, several of Angry Grandpa's videos have been deleted over the years, some being reuploaded by dedicated fans, others only surviving in partial clips, and several lost altogether.

Removed videos

xlxcigaroxlx ( videos

Thumbnail of "The exploding cigarette"[1]

Angry Grandpa videos were originally uploaded to the now-defunct video sharing website before the series moved to YouTube permanently. Michael's profile, xlxcigaroxlx, was deleted sometime during or after 2012 and several videos were lost in the process. The earliest known lost video to feature "AGP", "The exploding cigarette", was a prank video uploaded on July 12th, 2008,[2] in which Michael and Jennifer hand an unsuspecting Charlie a firecracker disguised as a cigarette which he proceeds to light, causing it to spark in his face. This video was formerly conflated with "Angry Grandpa - Lighter Fluid Prank" in which Michael and Jennifer overload AGP's cigarette lighter with lighter fluid, triggering a small fire upon which AGP burns himself and then proceeds to sling a laundry basket and table at Michael in retaliation. These videos were recovered in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Non-AGP videos which featured Michael terrorizing his baby nephew with a Freddy Krueger mask and showing a shock video titled "2 girls 1 finger" to his mother remain lost as well.[3] Given that these videos have been missing for over a decade and their existence was only rediscovered in March 2021, they're considered the least likely of the possibly extant videos listed in this article to be recovered.

TheAngryGrandpaShow videos

The only known screenshot of "Grandpa Arrested"[4] (albeit it's possible this picture is actually from when AGP had another run-in with the law later the same year)

The earliest known lost video from TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel, "Grandpa Arrested", was recorded and uploaded immediately after "Angry Grandpa destroys kitchen!" in January 2011. AGP is seen talking to police officers responding to his latest rampage while Bridgette and Michael record from her car and laugh. He was detained, taken to the local police station, and released soon after with no charges pressed. Nonetheless, this incident caused TheAngryGrandpaShow to go on a brief hiatus as AGP was refraining from his usual antics for some time afterwards. Only a single alleged screenshot of the video has surfaced.

"Angry Grandpa Hates Chris Price" was uploaded shortly before Easter of 2011.[5] AGP rants about his daughter Jennifer's ex-boyfriend who had pistol-whipped her and thrown her out of a moving car while Jennifer herself sits next to him with a black eye. Michael apparently uploaded this video against Jennifer's wishes and she presumably had him take it down.

Later in 2011, Michael ran a Facebook poll on whether Angry Grandpa, who famously despised cats, should have to kiss a cat. The final result was overwhelmingly in favor of it, much to the displeasure of AGP who reluctantly agreed out of loyalty to his fans. The deed was done at AGP's niece Jessica's home and "Angry Grandpa Kisses a cat" was uploaded on July 23rd, 2011,[6] but was later removed. The reason for this is unknown, although it's speculated that it was due to AGP's own embarrassment over the video (or even backlash over perceived mistreatment of animals). Unfortunately for him, it has been reuploaded to YouTube several times and remains publicly available.

"Angry Grandpa Gets Kicked Out of Cici's Pizza" was uploaded the following month[7] and features AGP becoming enraged after waiting two hours for a pizza. He swears at employees, shatters plates on the floor, and eats off of the buffet with his bare hands without paying before being escorted out of the pizzeria. The video was supposedly removed when CiCi's Pizza threatened legal action against the Greens[8] but was preserved through reuploads by fans, although only fragments of extra footage showing AGP slipping on a puddle and injuring his knee after re-entering the CiCi's Pizza restaurant have been found. The pizzeria's manager, who originally orchestrated the video with Michael as a prank on AGP, was fired, but in a twist of fate reunited with the old man at a flea market years later, thanking him for inadvertently getting him out of a job he loathed.

"The Fake Bomb Prank" is probably the most well-known and controversial lost AGP video and was uploaded on April 3rd, 2012.[9] It was removed about four days later due to violations of YouTube's terms of service and potential legal issues. The thumbnail was all that remained publicly available of the video for almost six years.

A screenshot of "The Fake Bomb Prank" from one of the clips released in 2018

"The Fake Bomb Prank" plot according to Lost Media Wiki's forum user summertime, who claimed to have seen the video when it was originally uploaded:

The video was about [G]randpa receiving a package in the mail. He opened the box to find a bomb inside, and Michael pretends to contact the police on his cell phone (secretly contacting a friend of his who was in on the prank). From there, they are given instructions on how to deactivate the bomb. Michael tells Grandpa to cut one of the wires, so he gets a pair of scissors and cuts the wire as told. Michael immediately yells, saying he cut the wrong wire and that the bomb would explode. Grandpa grabs the bomb and throws it out the window, before running to another room in his house with Michael.[10]

In 2018, two clips of the video were released by Michael along with a story that his house was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation within hours in response to the video, albeit this has been met with heavy skepticism as the video was still available on YouTube and as well as being promoted on Twitter days later.[11] Despite the mystery surrounding the missing video, the aftermath titled "Angry Grandpa's Fake Heart Attack 2" was recovered after being taken down due to negative reception from fans. Michael once pledged to release the long-lost prank video on StoryFire, a YouTube alternative created by his friends and fellow YouTubers Jesse Ridgway and Brian Spitz, if his channel reached 200,000 subscribers. Attempts to manually retrieve the video via the Wayback Machine were unsuccessful.

Thumbnail of "The Salt and Ice Challenge", courtesy of Waldo2cs

"The Salt and Ice Challenge" was uploaded on November 6th, 2013,[12] and features AGP and Michael partaking in a viral internet trend by pouring salt and ice on their arms to induce a burning sensation and see who can withstand the pain longer. It was struck down by YouTube for showing the two's bloody forearms and only the thumbnail has been found. AGP and Michael later discussed the challenge and displayed their scars in "GRANDPA'S FLAT TIRE".

One of the miscellaneous lost videos

In addition to those discussed above, a handful of other videos have also been removed for various reasons including the suspension of the first Angry Grandpa YouTube channel in June 2010, displays of vomit or explosives, references to graphic violence, fan backlash, and allegations by Tina Dandridge that she wasn't paid for her appearances despite an agreement with Michael.[13]

GrandpasCorner videos

The first video uploaded to AGP's personal vlogging channel, GrandpasCorner, is lost and nothing is known about it except that it was uploaded on July 18th, 2011. In 2017, at least five videos were removed in light of the Tina Dandridge controversy: "How Angry Grandpa Met Tina", "My First Thanksgiving With Tina!", "GRANDPA ASKS OUT TINA?!", "OPERATION: GET GRANDPA A MILLION!!", and "Q&A WITH ANGRY GRANDPA AND TINA!" (albeit the subject of the first two of these was AGP's ex-wife Tina Sharp, not Dandridge), four of which have been recovered.

TheAngryGrandpaLive videos

In 2017, AGP hosted a livestream series on Twitch titled TheAngryGrandpaLive. VODs and highlights of AGP livestreams were archived on a YouTube channel of the same name as well as on Twitch. For whatever reason, several of these have been hidden or removed, but fortunately, all of the missing livestreams except one have been found.


In 2010, the Angry Grandpa briefly hosted a channel on from which several livestream VODs are lost. Later that year, a Memorial Day video was uploaded by the Heyman Hustle, Michael's employer, to in which AGP rages over hot dogs and spills scalding hot water on himself which has not been recovered.[14] Some videos of pranks involving fireworks which were uploaded to LiveLeak due to YouTube's strict policies are also lost. Michael's and Bridgette's own vlogging channels have also had videos removed for similar reasons to AGP's.

Logo of Angry Grandpa: The True Trailer Park Story shown in the preview

Angry Grandpa: The True Trailer Park Story was a documentary film being produced by Michael Green and scheduled for a Summer 2012 release with an approximate runtime of 90 minutes. Michael claimed it was cancelled when he sold the laptop containing all of the footage recorded for the documentary, which wasn't backed up, and didn't realize his mistake until it was too late. Nothing from the film still exists aside from what was shown in a two-minute preview and a few vlogs of AGP and Michael visiting their old stomping grounds during its production and it is considered irrecoverable.

Current situation

On December 17th, 2017, one week after the Angry Grandpa passed away, Michael uploaded a video discussing the future of TheAngryGrandpaShow channel in which two clips of "The Fake Bomb Prank" are shown. He also stated his intention to upload deleted and unreleased videos in the future, albeit barely any of these have actually materialized, much to the agitation of fans who accuse Michael of hoarding the videos. It's unclear exactly how much unseen AGP content exists with Michael claiming to possess multiple hard drives of videos. The ire of AGP fans has only been further inflamed by what's widely viewed as mismanagement of the Angry Grandpa's legacy by Michael, who seldom uploads to TheAngryGrandpaShow (and at that the content often consists of inferior versions and/or B-rolls of older videos with Michael's added commentary) while continuing to profit off of his father through merchandise sales and using his name in vlogs to bring attention to his own channel. Michael also recanted his promise to rerelease "The Fake Bomb Prank" on StoryFire.[15]


Title Originally released on Date Status
Angry Grandpa - HOME VIDEO [Parts 1–5][16] Pre-2007(?) Lost
Merry Christmas Kim & Kyle ["Long long" version][17] DVD (unknown if actually released) December 24th, 2007 Lost
Presents 2 of 2 xlxcigaroxlx/WishingOnStars24 (presumably) December 25th, 2007 Lost(?)[18]
The exploding cigarette xlxcigaroxlx July 12th, 2008 Found
Angry Grandpa - Lighter Fluid Prank 2008 Found
2008 election rant [original title unknown] Found
Angry Grandpa - Grandpa's Revenge 2008/09 Lost
Angry Grandpa's vlog for his Canadian youngins [original title unknown] 2009 Found
Angry Grandpa - Finds out wife is leaving him December 2009 Found
Firecracker ashtray prank January 2010 Found
Grandma comes home Found
Angry Grandpa - Fireworks Christmas Present Found
Angry Grandpa - Corned Beef Bash - Aftermath 2010 Found
The Angry Grandpa 03/16/10 02:44PM March 16th, 2010 Lost
angry grandpa live Partially Found
grandpa craps Lost
2 guys kiss Lost
Grandpa destroys wii March 17th, 2010 Found
nn March 18th, 2010 Lost
GRANDPA CALLS March 20th, 2010 Lost
The Angry Grandpa Show Episode 10 : Happy Memorial Day! The Heyman Hustle [] May 30th, 2010 Lost
Angry Grandpa loves Sub Station II TheAngryGrandpaShow ("TAGS") August 22nd, 2010[19] Found
Grandpa Arrested January 28th, 2011 Lost
Angry Grandpa Hates Chris Price April 2011 Found
First GrandpasCorner video [original title unknown] GrandpasCorner ("GC") July 18th, 2011 Lost
Angry Grandpa Kisses a cat TAGS July 23rd, 2011 Found
Angry Grandpa Gets Kicked Out of Cici's Pizza August 2011 Found
Angry Grandpa Gets Kicked Out of Cici's Pizza aftermath Partially Found
I made partner!! KidBehindACamera ("KBAC") 2011 Found
Angry Grandpa and his Blowup Doll TAGS/GC September 2011(?) Lost
New shirt and Cat Book September 22nd, 2011 Found
Angry Grandpa LOVES Eddie Byrd October 5th, 2011 Found
THE RAPTURE! KBAC October 21st, 2011 Found
Angry Grandpa - The Firecracker Prank TAGS January 2nd, 2012 Found
Angry Grandpa HATES Bridgette & Pickleboy March 15th, 2012 Found
The Fake Bomb Prank May 3rd, 2012 Partially Found
Angry Grandpa's Fake Heart Attack 2 Found
Angry Grandpa: The True Trailer Park Story Unreleased Lost
How Angry Grandpa Met Tina GC July 10th, 2012 Lost
Angry Grandpa vs Barack Obama KBAC October 10th, 2012 Partially Found
Angry Grandpa's Obama Rant Aftermath Found
Prank Call to Angry Grandpa[20] STFUandListenShow November 10th, 2012 Found
Angry Grandpa - On-Air Meltdown December 2012(?) Lost
CLOWN AND ELVIS - BONUS FOOTAGE KBAC February 26th, 2013 Found
HEEEEEEEEEERE’S Grandpa! [Outtakes of Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen Table!] The Heyman Hustle [] March 16th, 2013 Found
Bonus Footage [Outtakes of Angry Grandpa's Still Married! PRANK!] KBAC June 14th, 2013 Found
The Salt and Ice Challenge TAGS November 6th, 2013 Lost
My First Thanksgiving with Tina! GC November 25th, 2013 Found
THE CAT FOOD BURRITO! (Vomit Alert!) TAGS August 17th, 2014[21] Found
Angry Grandpa LIVE on Twitch! (official broadcast 9) TIME TO CELEBRATE!! TheAngryGrandpaLive Found
AGPL on Twitch! 16 Grandpa tries to play matchmaker Found
AGPL on Twitch! 17 Grandpa and Doug take over the phone Found
AGP and Doug Friday on Twitch Found
Unknown "MISC." livestream [original title and airdate unknown] Lost[22]

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