Another Story of Freddy's (lost fangame based on popular indie horror game franchise; mid-2010s)

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Gameplay image.

Status: Lost

Another Story of Freddy's was a game released onto the popular game platform GameJolt, supposedly by a user named Risemack, based on the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. There is little to no information regarding the game, and despite previously having numerous videos made about the game, most of them are now deleted, leaving only a select few remaining.


In-game Office

The game ran similarly to the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. The objective was supposed to be stopping the animatronics from entering the office. Despite this, there was no way to stop them, due to the lack of developing and unfinished status of the game. Videos online showcase only two in the game itself, but show others that were currently unimplemented. [1]The game did not have a continue, nor a new game option, simply a blue diamond which would lead you directly to the game. Only two of the nine supposed cameras worked. The game was clearly unfinished.

Current status and information

Fallen Hopes' In-game Office. Note the similarities to the ASOF office.

Currently the game remains lost.[2] Upon trying to find the game using the URL, it leads to a broken page. [3] Using the WayBack machine to it's earliest snapshot displays the same image. [4] All the videos currently available showcasing the game date to October 2016, with the earliest WayBack Machine capture being in November 2016, meaning the game was probably only on the site for a very short period of time. It is possible that the game was released as ASOF (acronym for game name) - Full Source Release, as seen in the URL of the former game and in a gameplay video. [5] YouTuber LixbeZ has attempted to recreate the game, going as far as posting developer videos and making a page on GameJolt,[6] but the progress has slowed, with the game not being updated in two years. [7] A user on Reddit claimed to be the creator of the game, and said he cancelled it due to troubles with game coding. [8] Another Fnaf fan-game known as Fallen Hopes, made around 2020 by the user Shadwne uses a similar office and cameras of those seen in ASOF, seemingly reusing assets. Upon contact with Shadwne, he confirmed that he was heavily inspired by ASOF, although he did not have a copy on him anymore. He also gave some additional information, supposedly the game was released with both the project files and the source code, and that the creator Risemack had supposedly long since deleted these files off of their computer. [9]


Gameplay footage of the lost game.