Beezoo's Attic/Le Grenier de Bisou (partially found Canadian children's television series; 2001)

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Beezoo, the main character.

Status: Partially Found

Beezoo's Attic is a Canadian children's television show that aired on multiple television networks in Canada such as YTV Jr., Treehouse TV, TFO, and TVOntario from 1997-2002. The series aired a total of 71 episodes before being taken off the air. The series follows Beezoo and other toys that have been forgotten in an attic having fun along with other local residents.[1]

The show was forgotten up until 2006 when a user on retrojunk by the name of "System" tried to find others who had remembered the show. Afterward, there was no mention of the show until July 2017 when LMW user eletrickfiyed came across a misspelled version of the show's name on a Wikipedia page, thus sparking an investigation.[2][3]

Old sites and schedules for the show were found on YTV and Treehouse TV through Simple Works and The Way Back Machine, as well as a screenshot of the title screen and an episode guide. However, the investigation hit a dead end until September 24th, 2017 when YouTube user Gloryosky found a discarded VHS tape that was donated to a community yard sale and uploaded the commercials on it, a Beezoo's Attic YTV Jr. Promo being among them, thus making it the first known footage of the show on the internet.[4][5][6][7]

Gloryosky believed that the show was the English version of another show he found by the name Le Grenier de Bisou. Upon looking at the footage found on the TFO-hosted flash game site he provided for Le Grenier de Bisou, it became obvious that the two shows were in the same series.[8]

Further investigation of the French version of the show revealed an online resume for an Angie Winstl that stated that the show was created by TVOntario and Louise Shekter, who was also the French producer for the well-known children's series The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon.[9]

Upon being contacted, TVOntario stated that they were in possession of film for every show that they had previously produced and that they were working on digitizing their library. Though they have digitized many shows and feature films that they had taken part in making, Beezoo's Attic, as well as many other shows, have not yet been made publicly available.[10]


Beezoo's Attic promo.

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