Bio Cop Wingo (partially found Korean animated series; 1998)

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Biocopwingo opstill.png

Still from the OP.

Status: Partially Found

Bio-Cop Wingo (바이오캅 윙고 or Baiokap Winggo) is a 14-episode Korean animated series from 1998.[1] The series aired from April to May on the station MBC. The anime is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name, a Korean shoujo series.[2][3]

The series surrounds a boy named Winggo who must work with his friends to save the environment of the planet EchoStar from pollution caused by mineral exploitation and a monster called Ghost. Winggo works with friends, including Lena, Kiba, and Jikyu LA.[4] The OP is "No Problem" (문제없어) performed by K-Pop band UP, and the ED is "Another World" (또 다른 세상) performed by EDUE.

A VHS release of six volumes from Samsung is available to Korean audiences, but the series hasn't been released on DVD and is not readily available to stream online. However, the opening and closing credits are available to view below on YouTube.


Opening and closing themes from the series.

Bio Cop Wingo OP.

Bio Cop Wingo ED.

Images of the Korean language VHS releases.


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