Bird Island (partially found animated series; 2003)

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Bird Island.jpg

A screenshot of the first episode.

Status: Partially Found

Bird Island is a 52-episode sci-fi animated series. The first volume was released on DVD in North America through Playhut Entertainment's "Chinamation" line in June 2004 in an attempt to cash in on the then-current anime craze.

Bird Island centered around an anti-social teenager named Tin, who was recently told by his grandfather that he's not, in fact, human. Despite the fact that people made fun of him for not being human, he ends up protecting everyone when aliens invade his home.

While at least four episodes were dubbed, the failure of the Chinamation line has led to the DVD going out of print and Bird Island itself falling into obscurity, and very little footage can be found online because of this, with only about a minute and a half of footage currently available of the English dub. Fortunately, all 52 episodes of the series can be found online in its original Mandarin courtesy of YouTuber Liu Kaxing.


Compilation of several Chinamation clips, including Bird Island.
The first episode of Bird Island.

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