Bubblebath (partially lost "That Poppy" album; 2014-2016)

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That Poppy Bubblebath.png

Cover for That Poppy's debut EP "Bubblebath."

Status: Partially Lost

Bubblebath Sessions was an album recording session by metal musician and YouTube personality, Poppy (then known as That Poppy) that took place from 2014-2016 after she was signed to record label, Island Records.


In 2014 Poppy began working with producer Titanic Sinclair to create her debut EP, originally intended to be an album, as stated by her in her video titled, "Charlotte Interviews Poppy," uploaded on August 4th, 2015

"I'm so excited for my new album coming out on Island records! It will be released on…"

In 2015, Poppy began teasing a song titled "New York," beginning with an Instagram post of the recording of the song on July 11, the title being revealed in the tags.[1] She also began performing the song at several venues and livestreams but it was never released, instead the instrumental leaked sometime after, it being used in an unreleased Poppy video prior to the leaking.[2]

Also in 2015, Poppy performed a cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles and later on in 2020, a studio snippet of the cover leaked, implying it was possibly going to be on the album The song leaked on September 21, 2023.

On May 17th, 2016, for around 30 minutes, a song called "Chewing Gum" was playable on Poppy's SoundCloud before it was taken down, and later re-uploaded by multiple users. In 2020 during a Discord Q&A, Poppy revealed it was taken down by Island Records.[3]

In May 2020 in a statement on social media, Poppy discussed her split with her old boyfriend and collaborator Titanic Sinclair where she says he was leaking old personal photos and demos, talking about demos that were leaked earlier in 2020 and 2019. Poppy adds of her ex's intentions:

"That person is releasing photos of me without makeup (and blonde hair) plus very personal demos that only he has. This is an attempt to make me feel small, insecure and exposed."[4]

Regardless, a few songs out of the wide range of Bubblebath session extended songs are still mostly lost, they are rumored to be from Bubblebath Sessions due to the sounds and lyrics of the songs matching the vibe of Bubblebath and demos by Poppy.

Bubblebath: Extended


• Fountain of Youth, in medium quality, but legible, was discovered in July 2022.

• TLD was discovered on August 1st, 2022.[6]

• A new, six-second snippet of British Boys was leaked on October 23rd, 2022.[7]

• New York, Video Killed The Radio Star (Cover), Fountain of Youth and Peppermint leaked on Discord on September 21st 2023 (9/21/23).


Charlotte interviews Poppy.

An autobiography on Poppy.

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Title Status Notes
Lowlife Found Released on Bubblebath.
Money Found Released on Bubblebath.
Altar Found Released on Bubblebath.
American Kids Found Released on Bubblebath.
All My Fault Found Leaked in 2018.
Back Together Partially Found Short snippet found.
Boss Found Leaked in 2021.
British Boys Partially Found 17-second snippet of the full song leaked.
Bubblebath Found Song leaked Jul 8, 2023
Call You When I Land Lost Title confirmed. Lost.
Chewing Gum Found Released on SoundCloud in 2016.
Cheerleader Found Leaked in 2022.
Crazy Found Leaked in 2022
Daddy Didn’t Love lost Title confirmed, but the song is completely lost. Produced by Sir Nolan in 2014.
Double X Girlfriend Found Leaked in 2021.
Down For Whatever partially found Snippet of the chorus has been found. Written for Chelsea Lankes, who later released her version of the song.
EXPLODE! Found Leaked in 2021.
Fears to Come partially found writer's demo leaked. Poppy’s version (if it exists) has not been found yet.
Fountain of Youth Found Song leaked in full 9/21/23.
Girls Found Leaked in 2020.
Golden Gate Found Leaked in 2021.
Good To Me Found Leaked in 2021.
Guns and Gold Found Leaked in 2018.
Happy When It Hurts Found HQ Version Leaked on 12/24/21.
Heavy Metal Found Leaked in 2019.
Heart of Glass (Cover) lost Cover of Blondie. Performed live in 2015.
Helium Found Leaked in 2021.
Hi, I’m Poppy lost Title confirmed. Nothing more is known about this song at the moment.
Hot Love Shotgun Lost Small snippets of BØRNS demo leaked.
Hum lost Title confirmed, but the song is completely lost.
Hurtin' Kind (Cover) Found Released exclusively on Poppy's Tumblr in 2014.
I Heart Poppy Found Leaked in 2018.
In a Minute Lost Released on "Am I A Girl?", but was originally intended for Bubblebath. Original version is lost.
Jealous (feat. The Elev3n) Found Leaked in 2021.
Like Lovers Do lost Title confirmed. Produced by Nick Monson.
Little Psycho Found Leaked in 2019.
Locked and Loaded Partially Found Locked and Loaded is the unofficial title, title unknown.[5]
Maniac Found Leaked in 2020.
Material Girl (cover) Partially Found Cover of Madonna. Performed live in 2015.
New York Found Found 9/21/23
No One Found Final version leaked in 2022
Numb Found Leaked in 2018.
Oh Why Partially Found 12-second snippet of a demo recording leaked.
Peppermint Found Leaked in full 9/21/23.
Pyromaniac Found Leaked in 2021.
Renegade Found Leaked in 2018.
Santa Baby (Cover) Found Released on YouTube in 2014.
Spare Key Found Leaked in 2020.
Sugar Found Leaked in 2020.
Stolen Dance (Cover) Found Released on YouTube in 2015.
Sweetheart Found Leaked in 2021.
Talk About It Found Leaked in 2021.
TLD Found Song leaked in full on 08/01/22
Video Killed The Radio Star (Cover) Found found 9/21/23
What I Hate About You lost Title Confirmed.
Winona Ryder Found Leaked in 2019.