Captain Tsubasa (partially found English dub of anime series; 1983-1986)

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Japanese DVD cover for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Captain Tsubasa is an anime series revolving around the sport of Association football focusing on Tsubasa Oozora. The plot focuses on Tsubasa's relationship with his friends, rivalry with his opponents, training, competition, and the action and outcome of each football match. The original anime aired between 1983 and 1986 in Japan. Three sequels were produced, Shin Captain Tsubasa, Captain Tsubasa J and Captain Tsubasa: Road to Dream.

English dubs of all anime series were produced and aired on Animax Asia.[1][2][3][4][5] Some episodes of one of the series were released on 9 VCDs by Speedy Video Malaysia.[6][7] The VCDs have been out of print for over 15 years, and only volume 5 has been found.


Vol. 1


Captain Tsubasa Bash, Tsubasa, aged 11, loves soccer as his life been safe by a ball when he was a boy, when his family moved to Menomi City, he met with the Menomi high school soccer team. In order to use the football field; Bash, representing Menomi high school soccer team decided to challenge Flash from Sutacu team that no one ever expect and dare to…

Soccer Challenge Bash amazed everyone in the field, Flash injured and met rival at the first time, he agreed to let Menomi team to use the field for training. Flash accepted the challenge and eager for the real game on sport day to beat Bash, Rebato, a famous coach leads Menomi Team which directly enhance the confident to win Sutacu Team on the forthcoming sport day.

Vol. 2


Hard Training First day at school. Tsubasa leads the soccer team for training everyday. The coach Rebato has set up a game Tsubasa and Isasaki (Saki) have successfully scored 2 to win the game. That shows improvement on Menomi team.

Soccer As Good Friend During training session, Rebato wants Menomi team members treat soccer ball as their good friend and keep it all time. Without flash involvement, Sutacu team still can win Sakaya team amazingly. The date of sport day is closer and closer, Flash has under a hard training days and nights. At the final training day, Rebato has decided to appoint Bash as goal keeper??

Vol. 3


Sport Day The sport day is started today. The first match was Menomi Team versus Sutacu Team. Menomi team members felt stressful in front of spectators, Robato has overcame it finally.

Real Game Started The soccer match will be started soon, Monreal school failed to find Flash. Sutacu Team members lost confidence without Flash. Flash finally appeared minutes before the match is started. He made the team members felt confident, Sutacu team surprised that Bast be the defense in the match. This was the real game Flash expecting...

Vol. 4


The National Tournament Menomi team members are specially selected for the National Tournament. Bash, Taro and Flash no doubt won’t be absent. During an aggressive training, Littleball, the striker for Icelander team lead the ball alone against the goal keeper, Flash. Flash was unable to safe it because of foot injury, or it is beyond his capability to stop it.

The Playoff Game Menomi team managed to be the strongest soccer among others. During the match against Shimada team, Flash can’t hold with the pain. Without Flash, Shimada team scored 2 goals against Menomi team, can Menomi team beat Shimada team and proceed to the National Tournament? On the other hand, wth Littleball as striker, Icelander team easily become one of the District final team.

Vol. 5

  • Friendship Regain
  • National Championship

Vol. 6

  • The Team Spirit
  • Disappointment

Vol. 7

  • Excellent game with Shimada team
  • The final playoff game to national tournament

Vol. 8

  • Dream Come True
  • Leaving For National Tournament

Vol. 9

  • Captain For Menomi Team
  • Fantastic Game

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