Captain Zed and the Zee Zone (partially found animated series; 1991)

Captain Zed and the Zee Zone
The most common VHS tape available. Contains the Follow the Leader and Monster Factor episodes.
The most common VHS tape available. Contains the Follow the Leader and Monster Factor episodes.
Status Partially Found

Captain Zed and the Zee Zone is a British-American animated series created by Tony Collingwood and produced by DiC animation. It originally aired in 1991 and was 26 episodes-long (made of two 13-episode seasons).


Captain Z is an agent of the Dream Patrol, part of the Dream Base, an organization that monitors children's dreams when they are asleep at night and make sure that nightmares do not appear.

Piloting a Dreamship, Captain Z is assisted with his co-pilot P.J. and pet cat Spring.

The Dream Base is run by anthropomorphic sheeps, led by the Commander. Most of its architecture, elements and machine designs are sleep/bed-themed.

Captain Zed also tends to be annoyed by a pretentious and ambitious rival, Captain Flannel.

The main villains are Snort and Mutter, two shapeshifting monsters who want to take over the Dream Base and send nightmares to children's minds.


The series has been aired in many countries over the years (especially Europe). However, it has never been released on DVD and only a few episodes have been sold on VHS tapes, some of them quite rare. They can be found for sale on eBay and Amazon.

The available VHS tapes contain the episodes:

  • Follow the Leader; Monster Factor
  • Nasty Norman; Catnapped
  • Making the Grade; Curtain Call
  • Revenge of the Killer Bunnies; Finishing School

Two episodes of the cartoon in its original English dub have been uploaded online by Gilby 1385, from the first aforementioned VHS tape.

A few episodes dubbed in German and Polish have also been uploaded online.



"Follow the Leader"
"Monster Factor"

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10 months ago
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And nothing of value was lost.


9 months ago
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I have three of the four Captain Zed tapes and I plan to upload the episodes from those tapes.

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9 months ago
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Featuring both spellings of the letter Z.
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