Carlton Your Doorman (found unsold animated spin-off pilot for "Rhoda" CBS sitcom; 1980)

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A still from the special; Carlton is on the right.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Mar 2017

Found by: nickp472

Carlton Your Doorman was a MTM Productions half-hour animated special, based on the popular recurring unseen character from The Mary Tyler Moore Show's spin-off, Rhoda and was made in 1980.[1]


Carlton Your Doorman is now the focus in a visual medium, was depicted as a lazy but well-meaning dimbulb doorman.

The special featured "Carlton's daily habits, including flirting with joggers and making the rounds of local watering holes".

In a reference to its show of origin, some of the mail Carlton drops in the special reads Morgenstern, Rhoda character's last name.


Lorenzo Music voiced the Carlton character and also produced this show, as he did many of the MTM series in that era.

It was directed by Charles Swenson and Fred Wolf, who would later be known in the 1980s for producing many popular animated children's shows such as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

Lorenzo Music would famously be known for voicing Garfield in the 1980s, Peter Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters, and Tummy Gummy in Disney's Gummy Bears.


This special was seemingly only broadcasted once. The special seems to be now sold as a $100 DVD on Toonarific.[2]

A commercial for the special has surfaced on YouTube (thanks to user98787), along the first minutes from an individual VHS recording (thanks to 2ombieboy) and an MTM Productions logo from the special (thanks to LogicSmash).

On March 8th, 2017, the entire special was found and uploaded onto YouTube by user nickp472 but since had been deleted due to nickp472's channel being terminated. However, a re-upload of the pilot can be found and watched on YouTube posted by user mtmepisodes2 on the 29th of June in 2018.


Commercial for the premiere (uploaded by user98787).

The first minutes of the special (uploaded by 2ombieboy).

MTM Productions logo from the special (uploaded by LogicSmash).

Re-upload of the pilot (uploaded by mtmepisodes2).