Catch the Black Sunshine (lost original cut of Chris Robinson film, 1972)

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Black Rage VHS cover.

Status: Lost

Catch the Black Sunshine (aka Sunshine Run or Charcoal Black is a 1972 American drama film written, directed, and also starring Chris Robinson.


Two brothers, Sunshine and Levi, one black and the other an albino, find a treasure map while digging on plantation. They then use the map to escape slave master Striker, and search for the treasure to set themselves free.


The original theatrical release ran for 102 minutes, and premiered at the Paramount Theatre, The Orlando Drive-In, and Grand Circus.[1]


The only existing form of Catch the Black Sunshine can be found under the title Black Rage and only runs for 90 minutes, leaving the film with abrupt cuts. The 102 minute long theatrical version is yet to see the light of day. The film was also released on video in Australia with its original title with the running time of 98 minutes.[2]


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