Champola "Alone with Champola" (lost commercial for Filipino snack; 1990s)

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Champola Wafer Stick.jpg

Champola Chocolate Wafer Sticks, which was promoted in this commercial.

Status: Lost

Champola is a Filipino snack known for it's flavoured wafer sticks. In the 1990s, several commercials were made advertising the product aired on local channels like ABC-5, RPN-9, and GMA-7, with one of them being animated.


The commercial starts with a kid eating Champola while watching a horror movie. A bust sculpture was seen in his back and the sculpture stared and saw Champola. Each wafer stick is going outside of the box and the sculpture was seen eating it with the voiceover saying, "so deliciously crispy". Someone then went into the kid's house with the kid being scared and he took a baseball hat and he hides. The kid screamed and pointed a weapon at someone that went to the kid's house. It turns out it's his friends and they laughed at him. They happily ate Champola and the bust sculpture laughed in an evil manner. The kid and his friends got scared and ran. The slogan and product appeared with the sculpture in the background with the voiceover saying, "Champola Wafer Sticks. One Stick Is Not Enough" followed by a sound effect of the sculpture's evil laugh.

The said commercial was animated especially the eyes and the mouth. It is said to have a creepy male voiceover and an ominous BGM.[1]


It is said to have aired in GMA-7 during Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club on the early 1990s. Other commercials was said to be aired on RPN-9 and ABC-5, but it is unknown if this commercial ever aired on the other channels.[2] The commercial hasn't yet resurfaced on the web.