Clearvue's Laugh and Learn (found direct-to-video educational series; 1990-1991)

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The show's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 19 Jan '17

Found by: Robert Coates

Clearvue's Laugh and Learn was an American direct-to-video series created by Clearvue, Inc., which ran from 1990 to 1991. Though the official name of the series is simply Laugh and Learn, it is nicknamed Clearvue's Laugh and Learn to differentiate between other series with similar titles.

The series was originally released for classroom use under the name First Steps to Learning, before being released on home video by United American Video Corporation in 1994 under the name Fun to Learn Video Series. The videos were re-released in 1997 under the name Laugh and Learn. Six of the videos under the Laugh and Learn name was also released in the United Kingdom by SlamGold (which was the UK brand name of UAV Corporation), before being released on two three-in-one DVDs in that country. The "123s" video and two shorts from the "Time" video were also released on a single VHS tape by Sterling Entertainment Group and SVE and Churchill Media in 2004.


On January 19, 2017 YouTuber Robert Coates uploaded all of the videos (albeit with each short uploaded separately).

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"Time" (partially).
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