Cone Control (partially lost British children's animated series; 2002)

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Cone Control poster.jpeg

Series poster.

Status: Partially Lost

Cone Control is a 2002 British animated children's TV series created by Andrew Lloyd, produced by Animasia UK and animated by Animation Enterprises Hong Kong Ltd. (Agogo Studios now). The show consisted of 55 episodes.[1]


This show is about the world of anthropomorphic traffic cones and cars living together. The cone's duty is to rescue the cars from dangerous situations they are put into, most of which are mostly caused by Genghis and his group of cones causing most of the mischief.


There is very little information on this series that can be found on the web, aside from its theme song. The show hasn't been syndicated, officially available on any streaming services, nor on any form of home media since it last aired. It's unknown if it even aired in any English-speaking territories although the show did air in countries such as China, and Middle Eastern countries.

The whole series can be watched on Oznoz but is only available in Mandarin Chinese, and a registered account is required to watch the episodes. In 2022, the studio that owns and animated the show Agogo Studios has uploaded ten episodes of the show in English on its YouTube channel but has not uploaded any more episodes since it was last posted. Another episode, Hollywood Cones, has been located in English from a Chinese DVR television recording.

YouTube user MIXXPOST has been uploading episodes of the series on his account. It's possible that he can continue where the Agogo account left off and upload the rest of the series in the future.

On August 7th, 2023, the show started airing on an Albanian television channel Çufo, with an Albanian and English audio track. User AlbDubs332 has recorded all the episodes that aired on the channel in both languages and uploaded them on the Internet Archive.

Unfortunately as of November 27th, all of the episodes uploaded by AlbDubs332 were all removed from the Internet Archive possibly due to copyright infringement.


While most of the series episodes were found in English. Some English episodes from the Çufo airings have 1-2 minutes missing audio while some episodes are only in Albanian due to the amount of missing audio for the English airings. The episode “Kevin Katches Kold” never aired on the channel, still making it lost.

# Episode Title Status
1 Robocone Found
2 Genghis Can't Found
3 The Thin White Line Lost
4 Hollywood Cones Found
5 Frankencar Lost
6 Car Ruction Found
7 Cone In A Million Lost
8 The Legend Of The 57 Chevy Lost
9 Cone with The Wind Lost
10 Therapy Anyone? Lost
11 Free Range Clones Lost
12 Mine all Mine Found
13 Traffic Meteor Found
14 Strike! Lost
15 Cone Fatale Found
16 Passport To Cone Control Lost
17 Carhenges And Clone Circles Lost
18 The Jellybaby Cone-spiracy Lost
19 The Cone-anball Run Lost
20 Truckzilla Lost
21 Eustace And The Bully Lost
22 Dr. Cadwallader And Mr. Cone Lost
23 Basic Training Found
24 Revenge is Sweet Lost
25 The Lone Clone Lost
26 Boris Strikes it Big Lost
27 Crash Test Dummies Lost
28 Hey! Hey! We're The Monkeys! Lost
29 The Great Holiday Hoax Lost
30 The Curse Of Conen-Kamun Lost
31 Hedgehog Day Lost
32 RoboCone Vs Truckzilla Lost
33 Genghis The Rat King Lost
34 Kevin Katches Kold Lost
35 Dawn Of The Road Dog Lost
36 Crisis In Coneworld -- Part One: The Hand Of Doom Partially Lost (Albanian)
38 Crisis In Coneworld -- Part Two: Thickening Plots Partially Lost (Albanian)
39 Crisis In Coneworld -- Part Three: The Brink Of Destruction Partially Lost (Albanian)
40 Crisis In Coneworld -- Part Four: The Cone Collection Partially Lost (Albanian)
41 Baby Genghis Lost
42 An Accone-tant Regrets Lost
43 Evil Eye Lost
44 Calling Dr. Genghis Lost
45 Flying High Lost
46 Yo-Ho Cones Found
47 The Magician's Hat Lost
48 Cone-quest Of The Clones Lost
49 Curse Of The Van-pire Lost
50 Destination Coneworld Found
51 Cyrano de Conerac Lost
52 Cones Day Off Lost
53 Cone The Barbarian Lost
54 Y3Cone Found

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