Album Title Goes Here (partially found work-in-progress versions of deadmau5 songs; 2009-2012)

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Front album cover for Album Title Goes Here.

Status: Partially Found

Album Title Goes Here also known as (>ATGH<) is an Experimental Electronic-House album created and produced by Joel Zimmerman, who is known by his stage name, deadmau5. The album was released on September 21st, 2012, [1] and includes 13 tracks.

However, Joel started recording the tracks to this album ever since the year 2009. This means that Joel produced different variations of several tracks for the album that were either changed, unused, or accidentally misplaced. However, some were eventually found.

Track List


In April of 2012, Joel did a live stream on him, creating the first track of the album titled Superliminal. It seems that the track would have used a higher pitched, plucking synth to the track around (1:24) and (34:22).

Also, the intro would have started with an average beat followed by the hook at (10:46), rather than the final version, where it starts off with an increased echo.

For unknown reasons, Joel chose to remove the plucked synths and start the song's intro with an increased echo, which would be the final version of "Superliminal".

The Veldt

Originally, Joel was planning to release the track, "The Veldt", with only instrumentals on the album. However, he got a message from a man named Chris James on Twitter,[2] saying that he sang vocals for the track "The Veldt" in March of 2012.

After listening to the vocal version of the track, sung by Chris James, Joel was extremely impressed. So impressed, that he decided to add the vocals to the song and make it the final version of The Veldt.

Eventually, even though he chose the vocal version of "The Veldt", he decided to release the instrumental version of the track to the public.

Fn Pig

Joel's Track "Fn Pig" seems to have many different and complicated variations before its final version was chosen as the fourth track of the album.

Firstly, on his official YouTube channel, Joel posted a video of him struggling to place a pig in a cart on the game Minecraft. While doing so, he was struggling, and said the phrase, "Get in the Cart, F***ing Pig!" This phrase inspired him to make a song titled "Get in the Cart, Pig", one of the earliest versions of "Fn Pig" that he created. This song only has the intro and a very similar drop from the final version of "Fn Pig", and it only lasts 4 minutes.

Eventually, he decided to mix another track to "Get in the Cart, Pig" titled "October", and named it, "Get in the October Cart, Pig". The intro is remarkably similar to "Get in the Cart, Pig", However, it starts much more quietly and rather than the drop sounding more like "Fn Pig", it takes the drop from the song "October".

Lastly, Joel produced the "unused" version of the song titled, "Fn Pig". In this version of the song, it keeps the intro from "Get in the Cart, Pig" and has its own drop. During the song's drop, there seem to be loud Timpani drums added in the background, starting at (3:40). Unfortunately, Joel decided to use a version of "Fn Pig" that removes the Timpani drums from the song and made it the final version of "Fn Pig" that was chosen for the album.


Back in the year 2009, Joel first produced an early version of the track "Maths".[3] It was supposed to be finished on time to release it on his album, 4x4=12. However, because Joel never completed it on time, he placed the song on the album, Album Title Goes Here. Because this is the early version of the track "Maths", it had some major differences from the final released track of "Maths".

Firstly, the song starts off with a differently louder beat in the intro compared to the final version's intro. Then, at the one-minute mark, the song has a slightly different bass.

In the final version of Maths, you would hear a robotic voice saying the following: "4 + 4 + 4 is 12, 12 +12 +12 is 4". However, in this version, it was never put in. Lastly, the song ends with a fade, rather than a complete finish.


In February 2012, Joel released a preview of his song titled "Closer". When compared to the final version of the track, this unused version has a higher-toned melody, and it starts off with a sort of rocket launch countdown in the background as the melody grows faster. Eventually, the song ends with a solid pause and echoes out.

As for the final version of "Closer". it has a lower-toned version of the same melody, but it lacks the countdown in the background. The ending fades out in the final rather than echoing out from a pause.


When Joel Zimmerman was producing tracks that were going to be included in the Album Title Goes Here album, he produced a song titled "Sleepless". The song had many different variations than what it is now in the final version.

Some of the variations of the song included: the intro being very silent with only robotic voices speaking, an added piano and slower beat throughout the song, and the most majorly changed part of the song, added vocals by Joel Zimmerman himself.

Eventually, Joel created another version of "Sleepless". One with a faster beat, louder intro, no piano, and removed vocals. However, he intended to release the version of "Sleepless" with the vocals on the new album, Album Title Goes Here.

When it was time for Joel to upload the song files for the new album, Album Title Goes Here, he was rushed and needed to turn in the files on time. Because both of the different versions of "Sleepless" had the same file names, Joel accidentally uploaded the wrong file. This led to the version of "Sleepless" without the vocals being uploaded to the album instead.[4] The version of "Sleepless" with the vocals exists on YouTube. However, Joel changed the name of the unused song to "Sleeping Beauty Pills".


"Get in the Cart, Pig"

"Get in the October Cart, Pig"

The unused version of "Fn Pig".

The unused version of "Maths".

The unused version of "Closer".

The unused/misplaced version of "Sleepless", now known as "Sleeping Beauty Pills".


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