Descendants (lost deleted song from Disney Channel adventure comedy film; 2015)

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Descendants Deleted Song.png

Footage of the deleted song.

Status: Lost

In 2015, the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants premiered. However, there was a song that was recorded and filmed that was cut from the final version of the film.

This song featured Ben singing to Mal about how he was in love, and was meant to be a companion song to “Did I Mention”.


There is a clip of behind the scenes footage of the cast rehearsing this song. [1] This rehearsal footage shows that the scene would have taken place on a balcony at Auradon Prep.

Many cast members have mentioned that the scene for this song was filmed, and there are some photos from the scene. Footage from this scene was also shown in a behind the scenes promo that aired during certain early showings of Descendants on Disney Channel. However, this promo seems to be lost as well.

The song was also used in the stage musical Disney’s Descendants: The Musical that plays as the opening to “Did I Mention”. [2] However, this may be a shortened version of the song, as there is evidence of lyrics that are not included.

This scene was not included as a bonus feature on any of the Descendants DVDs, is not on Disney+, and has not been posted by any official Disney YouTube channels.


The lyrics for the song from the rehearsal footage and the stage musical are:

"My heart's all a-flutter, my freights turn to butter" "My forehead is bathed in sweat" "My knees are a-quiver, I shake and I shiver" "My stomach's a bit upset" "I've tried, but I find that I can't clear my mind" "She's all that I'm thinking of" "I confess, I'm a mess, I'm completely obsessed" "Did I mention that I'm in love?"

There may be more lyrics in this song that are not in this version. In the book Mal’s Spell Book, Evie says, "His hearts all aflutter, His brain’s turned to butter, His forehead is bathed in sweat," which matches the lyrics that we know.

On the next page of the book, Carlos says, "Whenever he’s near her, His life becomes clearer. He knows what he’s living for," which matches the pattern of the lyrics but is not one of the lyrics from the version we have.

Also, in the book Descendants: Secrets of Auradon Prep: Insider’s Handbook Ben writes, "Darling Mal, This prince’s best gal, My heart’s on a platter, And nothing else matters But yooouuuu!" which also seems to match the pattern of the lyrics.




Behind the scenes rehearsal footage of the song.

"Did I Mention" from Disney’s Descendants: The Musical.

An interview with Sofia Carson and Booboo Stewart where the deleted song is mentioned.