Doki (found educational PC games based off Latin American Discovery Kids mascot; 2009)

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Box art for Doki Maternal and Doki Jardim

Status: Found

Date found:
27 Nov 2022 (Doki Maternal)
29 Apr 2024 (Doki Primeiros Passos, Doki Jardim)

Found by:
Games&Cigarettes (Doki Maternal)
claiulol (Doki Primeiros Passos, Doki Jardim)

Doki is a series of PC games based on Discovery Kids's mascot of the same name released in Brazil on September 29, 2009.[1] These involve three educational games available through CD-ROMs, retailing at a price of R$49,00 (roughly about $9,15 in USD).[1] CD-ROMs for these games are currently out of stock.

List of games

Title Age Range Status
Doki Primeiros Passos (Doki First Steps) 18 months-3 years Found
Doki Maternal[nb 1] 2-4 years Found
Doki Jardim (Doki Garden) 3-5 years Found


These games have been lost for a long time and didn't get much attention until circa late 2021 when a community post was posted by the Chilean YouTube channel LucianoTheWindowsFan helping people to find them.[2]

On November 27, 2022, a Brazilian blog named Games&Cigarettes posted Doki Maternal to the Internet Archive, making said game found.[3]

Interestingly, the games are protected by SecuROM, making them incompatible with Windows 10 and newer.[4]

On April 29, 2024, LMW Discord user claiulol uploaded the remaining games to Mediafire.[5]

On June 06, 2024, Youtube channel 'Shimi Doki' uploaded a gameplay of the games and then published the patch on Internet Archive with 'Andremor' and 'Larsenv' for the games SecuROM protection[6], completely removing it from games and making it compatible with Windows 10 and 11


TecMundo praised the game for its interesting graphics as well as the fact that the repetitive activities and levels make the child fix better but criticized it for its non-attractive price as well as its repetitive voices and unskippable dialogue.[1]


Doki Maternal



  1. Also known as Doki Maternal: Bons hábitos (lit. Doki Maternal: Good Habits)