Dream House (partially lost NBC game show; 1983-1984)

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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Dream House was an American game show created by Don Reid and hosted by Mike Darrow from March 27th, 1968 to January 2nd, 1970 on ABC then by Bob Eubanks from April 4th, 1983 to June 29th, 1984 on NBC.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

The NBC version was never reran after it's final episode aired. In July 2013, at was revealed that all 395 episodes, production materials and music of the NBC version were destroyed in a flood at Reid's house.[1] Exactly when the flood occurred is unknown. Since 2008, episodes from the NBC version have surfaced on YouTube, most episodes can't be accounted for and with the studio masters of all the episodes destroyed, the rest of the series is likely lost forever unless home recordings of the missing episodes surface.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The premiere episode.
The end of a episode from late 1983.
The November 4, 1983 episode.
The November 22, 1983 episode.
An episode from November 1983.
An episode from sometime in 1983.
An episode from January 1984.
An episode from sometime in 1984
The final round of an episode from June 1983.
June 26, 1984 episode.
The series finale.
Five endings from 1983.
An episode from 1983.
A celebrity episode from 1984.
A episode from sometime in 1984
Promo for the show with footage from some 1983 episodes
An unearthed episode from February 29, 1984.

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