Einstein Pals (partially found cancelled educational direct-to-video series; 2007-2008)

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Various puppets seen in the trailers/promotional information.

Status: Partially Found

Einstein Pals was a short series teased by Disney and The Baby Einstein Company in 2007, but was abandoned on 2008/2009 for unknown reasons. Only some trailers have been found and archived on the Wayback Machine website, along with a few trailers seen in Baby Einstein and Little Einsteins DVDs. The reason for termination is unknown. The possible reason for termination is the Baby Einstein DVD refund scandal in 2009.[1] Kids 2 Inc. (the new owner of The Baby Einstein Company) said in their Frequently Asked Questions that they have no plans to release the Einstein Pals series.[2] It is unknown if any episodes were ever finished, however, the many trailers for the show, along with the series' page on IMDB and the various portfolios showing that people were working on the show means that the show was at least scripted and filmed.

The Search

A Lost Media Wiki user found the website for series music composer Jim Latham, which states that he composed music for six episodes of the show. [3]

The same user discovered a clip of the show on the Vimeo page of a user named JJanicek. The clip, titled "Little Monsters Screen Test," contains one of the characters with Japanese style anime eyes. [4] The clip was posted and created by Janicek Media, a media production company that also did work on other Baby Einstein titles. [5] It is unknown what this clip exactly means, but it is assumed that they were going to do graphics for Einstein Pals. As of 2023, the clip has now been deleted.


There are at least 6 episodes of the show, one officially called "Numbers". Speculating the trailers, "Words" and "Colors" might be two other names out of the 6.


The trailer, which was heavily featured on Baby Einstein DVDs.

The test clip by Janicek Media.

A video doc on Einstein Pals created by George Bonouki and Rift.

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