Feels Like A Wish aka "Fond My Mind" (found full version of unidentified song; 1990)

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The photo that is commonly associated with the song.

Status: Found

Date found: 14 Dec 2023

Found by: William Paiva

Feels Like A Wish, formerly and colloquially referred to as "Fond My Mind"[1][2], is a song produced around 1990 by Station K., a Brazilian duo consisting of Edde Edman and André Nóbrega. It was previously considered the second most mysterious song on the Internet and the most mysterious in Brazil, since, for nearly 31 years, no one was able to name its author, tell its true title, or find its uncut full version.


In August 2014, a user by the name 'Peter' on the spiritofradio.ca website uploaded a 30-second clip of an unknown song, asking if anyone could help him identify the website. Despite a user claiming it to be a Red Sector One song that went unidentified, an user on the TMMS Discord server, dedicated to the search of The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet[3] and other Lostwave[4] songs, by the name 'nonoseacrest', was able to contact Mike Davis, a member of RS1, who confirmed that "Fond My Mind" was not an RS1 song.[5]

However, after some additional searching, it was revealed that Peter was not the first person to upload the unknown song to the internet. In fact, a year before Peter uploaded his clip onto spirit of radio, user 'gsipkoi' had uploaded the same audio onto WatZatSong. Using this information, people theorized that gsipkoi (later known as Gabor) had only cut it off to 30 seconds to fit the WatZatSong mark, and perhaps had a full version.

Eventually, a user by the name of 'Glups' was able to contact Gabor and convinced them to join the Discord for the 'Fond My Mind' search effort, and Gabor gave out some additional information relevant to FMM:

  • Gabor had recorded the song on cassette tapes c. 1993.
  • He had recorded them off of Brazilian radio stations Transamerica or Radio Cidade, giving insight that this was likely a Brazilian song.
  • Other Brazilian people on Reddit and in Gabor's family also recognized the song without knowing the name.

On December 8, 2020 Gabor sent a longer snippet in that Discord server: it contained most of the song, except for about 15 seconds of the intro and 6 of the outro, that were cut off. The snippet was then published on YouTube by various channels.


With all this newfound knowledge, many people flooded the emails and social media profiles of any potential Brazilian DJ who produced Eurodance-type beats from the 1980s to 1990s.

A comment under this fan-made video by user Luiz Neto then suggested to contact Brazilian cover band Máquinas na Pista, from Recife. Users from the dedicated Discord server successfully did so, and the band replied telling them that the song was produced by Edde Edman and had Sergio Dourado as a vocalist. This last information was later proven false, as André Nóbrega was the actual singer, as part of a project with Edde called 'Station K'.

Edde was increasingly frustrated with the influx of messages he received daily, even threatening to sue whoever made an unauthorized use of his song. People did not believe he was the one behind it, since, despite having been asked multiple times, he did not release its full version, and he refused to give any updates about it. It's theorized that his odd behaviour was because he did not own a copy of the track anymore.

Later on, William Paiva, from Máquinas na Pista, was also contacted: it turned out that he, who was Edman's mix engineer back in the 1990s, had what possibly is the only surviving copy of the full song on tape. On December 14, 2023, William uploaded it to YouTube, officially proving the authenticity of Edde's claims and ending the search. The song was then released on the producer's channel.



The song's official release, on Edde Edman's channel.


William Paiva's upload, which ended the search.

The raw audio from WIlliam Paiva's tape.

Whang's video on the subject.


Original post from "Peter" on Fond My Mind.