Frou Frou - unreleased recordings (partially found tracks from British electronic duo; 2001-2004)

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Frou Frou members Imogen Heap (left) and Guy Sigsworth (right).

Status: Partially Found

Frou Frou is a British electronic duo made up of vocalist Imogen Heap and producer Guy Sigsworth. They released their first and only studio album Details in June 2002, which was critically acclaimed. Several singles were released from the album, as well. Their most popular song is Let Go, which was featured in the 2004 independent film Garden State and briefly in the 2006 movie The Holiday. Even though the pair disbanded to musically go their separate ways in 2003 after going on tour to promote the album, they temporarily reformed in 2004 to record a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s song "Holding Out For A Hero" for the Shrek 2 movie soundtrack. In November 2017, it was announced that Frou Frou would be reuniting in conjunction with Imogen Heap’s Mycelia World Tour.

However, despite releasing only one album, several songs the duo recorded are still unreleased. Only a couple demos are circulated online, which includes "Deal With It" and "A New Kind Of Love." The rest of the demos will probably never see the light of day.

2001 Internal Promotional CD

On April 30th, 2013, user "ezquivelf" added a Frou Frou promotional CD listing from 2001 that was made for internal use only.[1] The CD contains completely different demos of all of the songs that made the final version of their album "Details", as well as two other unreleased songs: "Sane Again" and "Reprise".

Track listing of a promotional CD containing unreleased demos and song titles that are different from final versions.

According to Mark Wood, Frou Frou/Imogen Heap’s manager, "Sane Again" was a really early demo from 1999. However, even though he could not find the demo "Reprise", he said it was probably a different track like "Sane Again" or an extension of "Old Piano" (which would later be released as a bonus track on the enhanced version of "Details".)

On July 20th, 2018, user "michael85", who also owned a copy of the CD, explained more in detail about the two unreleased tracks:[2]

"Sane Again: A dial up modem has never been more comforting. Imogen's babbling of "bah doh doh da" encompasses the room as a chain reaction of Guy Sigsworth instrumentals infects the room. Imogen was clearly in the midst of writing "Hear Me Out" during this one. Reprise: A beautiful almost tear inducing end to a perfect album. "Reprise" teleports the listener into a world that is very clearly "Details" at it's finest. It's Sigsworth at his shining moment with subtle glimpses of Heap undertones and flashbacks of "Details" as a whole. It's a shame that this was cut from the album as it shows the strengths of both artists with almost minimal effort."

It is very unlikely that these demos will ever be released, since Mark Wood and the other owners of the CD do not want the early demos being sent out to the public.

Guitar Song

Guitar Song is another unreleased track by Frou Frou, with some nicknaming it “the holy grail of Frou Frou songs”. Even though the name of the song is known, and has been sought after by fans ever since Frou Frou started to gain popularity, no sound clips from the demo have ever leaked online.[3]

Very little information is known about this song, but the title reveals it is a song based on guitar. Apparently, the demo has sound effects containing children playing at a playground to create a "sense of space". It has also been rumored that it was actually a demo that was never finished. Imogen wasn’t happy with the song and abandoned it, although this has never been confirmed.

On August 31st, 2018, Frou Frou performed "Guitar Song" live for the first time ever on TheWaveVR, which specializes in musical experiences and concerts for virtual reality users. The live version of the song would later be released as the duo’s first new song in 15 years on April 19th, 2019.

Even though Guitar Song has been performed live, the demo of the song still remains unreleased.


Frou Frou performing "Guitar Song" live on TheWaveVR.
"A New Kind Of Love"
"Deal With It"