Fuktronic (lost Serj Tankian/Jimmy Urine collaboration album; 2012)

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Tentative cover for the album, entitled "Botched Up".

Status: Lost

In July 2012, Serj Tankian of the band System of a Down revealed a multimedia collaboration project with Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine, entitled Fuktronic. Described[1] as "a soundtrack for the ultimate British Gangster Film. It’s an electronic album with 12 tracks (4 instrumental and 8 tracks that have original scripted dialogue that portrays the trials and tribulations of a fresh out of prison British gangster who hasn’t learned his lesson)", only one track has been released (Chase), with no further word on any developments of the project.


The album was to be titled "Botched Up" and had a tentative release date of Winter 2013. There were several extra elements, such as a mobile app and a graphic novel planned to accompany the music.

Chantal Claret, a guest vocalist on the project, stated in an interview with Femalefirst that "I don’t know how much I can say about it. It was really fun though. Serj [Tankien of System Of A Down] My husband, they call him Jimmy, I call him James which is funny, they just did this awesome project together. It’s this fake gangster film and they asked me to play the lead female in it.

So I don’t even sing, I just talk though it and I have possibly one of the [shittiest] French accents in the world. (laughs) I think that just because my name’s Chantal that I can play a French girl and I have this amazing accent.

Whenever James has female voices on any of his records he has me come in and do a bunch of different characters." [2]

Serj Tankian was quoted[3] as saying that "we’re working on visuals right now with a high tech interactive mobile company developing these amazing apps to be able to experience Fuktronic as an integrated, artistic, visual experience. It’s inspired by a love for British gangster films like “Gangster Number 1” and “Sexy Beast” and stuff like that that are very funny. Both Jimmy and I enjoy the violence and they are great things to fall asleep to, like just watch and go to sleep because they’re so over the top that they’re not really very effective in terms of sensibilities, they’re just over-sensitized, you know? Over-sensitizing, if that’s a word. We find them funny, we find them enjoyable so we both cater to that so we both had a lot of electronic tracks that we put together and brought in most of our friends who played different parts; British gangster, Russian gangster, French girl and frothy British accent girl and all these different characters, it’s a lot of fun."


(All titles are taken from BMI's public song records)

  • Chase [4]
  • Frenchy
  • Funktronic
  • Guns
  • Kit Kat Club
  • No Kunt Rolling Me
  • Parole
  • Russian
  • Shot
  • Suck It
  • Ladies
  • Credits