Gaist Crusher (partially found English dub of anime series; 2016-2017)

Gaist Crusher (English dub)
Key art from the anime series.
Key art from the anime series.
Status Partially Found

Gaist Crusher is a Japanese media franchise consisting of video games, manga, toys and a TV anime by Capcom, Shueshia, Bandai and Studio Pierrot. The anime series premeired on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2013 and concluded after 51 episodes on October 1, 2014.

An English dub of the anime series was recorded in Hong Kong and premiered on Toonami Asia in April 2016.[1][2] The series has seen no official home video releases.

Video capper Toon India/Subhraneel was able to record part of the series but lost access to the show after Toonami Asia changed its Indian lineup to focus on retro cartoons.[3] Before the format change, he capped the first 8 episodes of the show.[4] The remaining 43 episodes are lost.

Surfaced Content

Gaist Crusher Toonami Ending song.
Toonami Asia Gaist Crusher New Episodes promo.


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2 months ago
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i just looked at toonami asia's schedule and it appears that gaist crusher still airs there. is there anyone that lives in a market where they air toonami asia that could possibly capture it?

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