Giga Tribe - 기가 트라이브 (partially found South Korean animated series; 2008-2009)

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The main cast of Giga Tribe.

Status: Partially Found

Giga Tribe or 기가 트라이브 (pronounced giga teulaibeu) is a rather short-lived South Korean animated show made by Studio KAAB that aired on SBS TV (A television channel that is run by Seoul Broadcasting System) from October 8th, 2008 to February 4th, 2009 with a total of 39 episodes.


13-year-old Gang Tu-Ji was a boy with a normal life. However one day, four creatures called Mini Tribes named Syube, Mojja, Chai, and Beto crash into Gang Tu-Ji's house. They explain to him that a ruler named Bavaria is planning to revive the evil King Vicious to take over the world. To stop Bavaria, the four Mini Tribes use the Giga Stones that they brought with them and together, Gang Tu-Ji and the four Mini Tribes transform into the superhero team Giga Tribe. The superhero team consists of Gang Tu-Ji as Tribe Captain, Syube as Tribe Red, Mojja as Tribe Blue, Chai as Tribe Yellow, and Beto as Tribe Green. With their superpowers and teamwork, they fight against people who have been possessed by Bavaria and by performing the Purify Dance, they are able to defeat the enemies they face and return them back to normal.


Although the show maintained a good amount of popularity in South Korea, the number of episodes that can be viewed online are scarce. Out of all 39 episodes, 14 of them were uploaded to a South Korean blog site called Naver by user 265. However, each of the 14 episodes were uploaded into two part videos. Some of the episodes only have one of their respective videos working whereas the other part of their respective videos does not work. This results in some of the episodes being partially found. Other episodes that 265 uploaded to Naver have both videos not working, making them inaccessible. Episode 10 is the only Giga Tribe episode so far to be found in its entirety as both parts of the episode can be viewed online. Several scenes from Giga Tribe episodes 29 and 39 made their way onto YouTube but were recorded in poor quality. Episodes 16-20 were discovered as video files in a Korean video file website called Filecast along with a 1 minute sneak peek video from episode 16. The page that contains the sneak peek of episode 16 also has screenshots from episodes 16, 18, 19, and 20. To view the sneak peek however, one has to log in to Filecast by creating an account or by logging in through a social media account such as Facebook. Episodes 12, 21-28, and 30-38 are lost completely, and cannot be watched online.

On March 14, 2019 LMW user ValentinesEve1996 also known as valeve1996 on the LMW Forums managed to get the clip of episode 16 of Giga Tribe from Filecast and uploaded it to YouTube. Between March 25 and March 28, 2019 the full version of episode 1 was uploaded to YouTube by the YouTube channel 지키즈TV - G Kids TV into four parts with each part being uploaded per day. Whether more episodes of Giga Tribe will be uploaded has yet to be seen.

Episode List

No. Episode Title (Korean) Episode Title (English) Date Aired Status
1 캡틴, 깨어나라! Wake Up, Captain! (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) October 8, 2008 Found
2 무시하지마! Do Not Ignore It! October 9, 2008 Partially Found
3 슈베의 위기! The Crisis of Syube! October 15, 2008 Partially Found
4 특명! 차이를 찾아라! Mission! Find Chai! October 16, 2008 Partially Found
5 지우의 마음은 누구에게로? To Whom is Ziu's Heart? October 22, 2008 Partially Found
6 베토! 예술혼을 불살라라! Beto! Blow Art Soul! October 23, 2008 Partially Found
7 모짜! 제발 정신차려! Mojja! Please! October 27, 2008 Inaccessible
8 모두들 제발 그만! Everybody Stop! October 28, 2008 Inaccessible
9 기가스톤을 사수하라! Use the Giga Stones! October 29, 2008 Partially Found
10 대결! 지지 않겠어 Showdown! I Will Not October 30, 2008 Found
11 너희들이 범인이지?! You Guys Are Criminals?! November 3, 2008 Partially Found
12 기가트라이브는 바로 우리라고! Giga Tribe is Ours! November 4, 2008 Lost
13 트라이브! 돌아와 줘! Tribe! Come Back! November 6, 2008 Inaccessible
14 베르크님, 출동이시다! Berk, You're Out! November 10, 2008 Inaccessible
15 설레는 데이트! A Thrilling Date! November 11, 2008 Inaccessible
16 생명의 은인! A Life Saver! November 12, 2008 Partially Found
17 포기하지 않아! I Will Not Give Up! November 17, 2008 Lost
18 깨어나는 비셔스의 힘! The Power of the Awakened Vicious! November 18, 2008 Lost
19 절체절명의 위기! Crisis of Desperation! November 19, 2008 Lost
20 출동! 슈퍼 기가트라이브 Come On! Super Giga Tribe November 20, 2008 Lost
21 특종이야! It's a Scoop! November 24, 2008 Lost
22 청소대장 슈베! Cleaning Boss Syube! November 25, 2008 Lost
23 베토와 단 둘이! Beto and Two! November 26, 2008 Lost
24 1등보다 소중한 것! What's More Important Than The First One! November 27, 2008 Lost
25 차이의 소중한 친구들! Precious Friends of Chai! December 1, 2008 Lost
26 즐거운 가족여행! Fun Family Trip! December 2, 2008 Lost
27 잘못한 거 없다구? Is There Anything Wrong With You? December 3, 2008 Lost
28 두근두근 동물원 데이트! I'm Excited About Dating Zoo! December 4, 2008 Lost
29 지금은 비상사태! Emergency Now! (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) December 10, 2008 Partially Found (Poor Quality)
30 징그러워! 징그럽다구! Disgusting! It's Disgusting! December 11, 2008 Lost
31 시끄러운 건 질색이라구! Noisy Stuff! December 17, 2008 Lost
32 반항은 이제 그만! Stop the Rebellion Now! December 18, 2008 Lost
33 함부로 버리지 말라니까! Do Not Throw It Away! December 24, 2008 Lost
34 내 얼굴이 못 생겼다구?! My Face is Ugly!? December 31, 2008 Lost
35 꿈을 이루기 위해! To Achieve Your Dream! January 7, 2009 Lost
36 최후의 결전! The Final Battle! January 14, 2009 Lost
37 격돌! 비셔스 VS 기가트라이브! The Crash! Vicious VS Giga Tribe! January 21, 2009 Lost
38 대마왕 비셔스의 부활! Resurrection of the Great King Vicious! January 28, 2009 Lost
39 올바른 마음의 힘으로! With the Power of the Right Heart! February 4, 2009 Partially Found (Poor Quality)


The Giga Tribe opening intro uploaded by YouTuber 나는야성재왕(IAmJaeSungWang).
The Giga Tribe ending intro uploaded by YouTuber 나는야성재왕(IAmJaeSungWang).
The Giga Tribe Purify Dance video uploaded by YouTuber 권기범(KwonBeom).
The full Giga Tribe movie uploaded by YouTuber 나는야성재왕(IAmJaeSungWang).

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