Greed (partially lost Fox game show; 1999-2000)

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Greed The Series.jpg

The show's title screen.

Status: Partially Lost

Greed was an American game show hosted by Chuck Woolery that aired on Fox from November 4th, 1999, to July 14th, 2000. Following the success of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Fox attempted their own primetime hit where once contestants could possibly win over $2,000,000. Unfortunately, Greed did not capture the success of Millionaire and was cancelled in July 2000 after just 44 episodes. Despite the lacklustre success, some of the episodes have resurfaced.


In the ever-expanding market of entertainment, tv shows have come and gone. One popular genre that has allowed people to win amazing prizes is that of game shows. In 1999, ABC launched the successful game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to very positive ratings and reviews. Fox, wanting to up the competition, launched their own television show Greed that same year. Whereas the top prize in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was a total of $1 million, the top prize for Greed would be $2 million.[1][2]


Greed first debuted on Fox on November 4th, 1999, with modest success. While successful, Greed was not the exact hit that Fox was aiming for, and the show was cancelled after the conclusion of its first season in 2000.[3] In 2002, the television station GSN picked up the syndication rights to re-run Greed. Re-runs would air on GSN from 2002 until 2008.


# Airdates Status Notes
1 November 4th, 1999 Found
2 Found
3 November 11th, 1999 Found
4 November 18th, 1999 Found
5 November 24th, 1999 Found
6 December 2nd, 1999 Found
7 December 9th, 1999 Found
8 December 10th, 1999 Lost
9 December 16th, 1999 Found
10 January 5th, 2000 Found
11 January 6th, 2000 Found
12 January 7th, 2000 Found
13 January 14th, 2000 Found
14 January 21st, 2000 Found
15 January 28th, 2000 Lost
16 February 4th, 2000 Found Million Dollar Moment
17 February 11th, 2000 Found
18 February 18th, 2000 Found
19 February 29th, 2000 Found Tournament of Losers; Million Dollar Moment
20 March 1st, 2000 Found
21 March 3rd, 2000 Found TV Greed
22 March 6th, 2000 Found That '70s Greed Part 1; Unaired by GSN
23 March 7th, 2000 Found That '70s Greed Part 2
24 March 10th, 2000 Found
25 March 17th, 2000 Found
26 March 24th, 2000 Lost
27 March 31st, 2000 Found
28 April 7th, 2000 Found
29 April 14th, 2000 Partially Found
30 April 21st, 2000 Lost
31 April 25th, 2000 Partially Found
32 April 28th, 2000 Found Super Greed
33 May 2nd, 2000 Found
34 May 5th, 2000 Found
35 May 12th, 2000 Found
36 May 19th, 2000 Found
37 May 26th, 2000 Found College Greed
38 June 2nd, 2000 Found
39 June 9th, 2000 Lost
40 June 16th, 2000 Lost
41 June 23rd, 2000 Found
42 June 30th, 2000 Lost
43 July 7th, 2000 Partially Found
44 July 14th, 2000 Found


GSN picked up Greed in 2002[4] and aired every episode except for That '70s Greed Part 1 due to it being only a half-hour long; however, both parts would be uploaded to YouTube by "Game Show Wonderland+" in 2021. Greed hasn’t aired on GSN since 2008, and most of the episodes have not resurfaced on the internet but most of the missing episodes exist among private collectors.[5][6][7]


Unused promo for the show that used footage from the missing episodes.

WFLD-TV News Report on the show.

Promo for the Super Greed episodes.

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